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Spotify spikes SongShift – Six Colors

Spotify thinks of itself as a champion of justice and breaking down barriers, but it has just turned over SongShift, an excellent app for transferring playlists and other metadata between different music services:

Unfortunately, starting with SongShift v5.1.2, you will no longer be able to create transfers from Spotify to another music service. We understand that this will be a disappointment for many of you. We wish we did not need it.

The Spotify Developer Platform Team reached out and informed us that we would need to remove a transfer from their service to a competing music service or have our API access revoked due to a breach of TOS. Although this is not the news we wanted to hear, we respect their decision.

Spotify hates how Apple manages its own ecosystem, but it has no interest in letting customers migrate metadata in any way that could make it more convenient to leave Spotify. It is, of course, their decision to make, but for a company that claims to support consumer freedom, it has just made a hypocritical decision designed to reduce the freedom of its own customers.

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