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StarMoney 3.7.0 – Manage your budget the easy way.

StarMoney shows you where your money goes. It puts all your finances in one place, automatically categorized and presented in a clear and understandable way. Set yourself and reach financial goals and cut expenses.

Exceptional online banking:

  • Different types of accounts in different German banks and Sparkassen in one place
  • Integration of multiple accounts, such as eBay, PayPal, Amazon
  • Inclusion of many credit cards, e.g. VISA, American Express, MasterCard
  • Payment transactions such as money transfers, fixed orders – in national or SEPA format
  • SEPA conversion: account number and bank code will switch to BIC and IBAN
  • IBAN is sufficient, BIC completes automatically (IBAN only)
  • Automatic transfer of billing data from the clipboard
  • Storage of payment orders in the box for collective posting
  • Retrieving PDF account statements

Electronic book with household accounts:

  • Manual setup of offline accounts
  • Practical data in / export in different formats
  • Distribution of income and expenses in categories
  • Comprehensive reporting across different accounts
  • Reports for income, expenses and categories such as charts, graphics or text
  • Disposal of budgets and savings targets
  • Comparison of categories or periods
Version 3.7.0:
Optimally prepared for what is to come:
  • Prepare StarMoney for a smooth transition to upcoming operating systems.
  • The banks Sparda and VW-Bank now receive optimal support.
  • Problems with optical TAN have been resolved.
  • Transfer templates can be created perfectly again.
  • Creating email in StarMoney works.
  • New technical adjustments ensure even more stability in the app.
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