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State of The Subreddit (October issue): AppleWatch

Hi r / AppleWatch,

It’s been a while since our last update on the state of subreddit, so you can easily dive right in!

  1. Removal of the government that joined the club

Since the reintroduction of the Joined the Club rule and an introduction of the JTC mega-thread, we have received many reports of posts that may be considered in violation of the rule, but at the same time not in conflict with factors such as unique watch combinations and vice versa. Our moderation queue has also become increasingly filled with complaints from other Redditors about concerns about this rule and fairness around removal after posts.

Following this, this rule has been voted on by the moderation team and has been repealed by the team on the basis that:

  • Unless the clock combination or image (s) are very generic or common

  • Unless the image (s) are of low quality – e.g. Dark lighting, little or no background / visually engaging elements

These images have no reason not to be present in subreddit as regular posts. After all, this subreddit is dedicated to Apple Watch, not support or news only!

2. Clarification of common and frequent posts

Since we now filter JTC and similar posts based on quality, we have decided that it is important that we update our rules to include what is considered low quality to be removed. The new guidelines can be seen below (and are available in the rules):

> Furthermore, posts that are generic AppleWatch tapes / case combinations, common AppleWatch configurations, or AppleWatch boxes should not be posted. The images must be of high quality.

The moderation team reserves the right to remove posts that fit appropriately that violate this rule, general examples of this will be:

  • Poor lighting – e.g. Too dark

  • Little or no background for where the time is

  • Poor framing, just off the watch or wrist and nothing else

  • Out of focus

  • Picture of an apple bell box, not the bell itself

If you are concerned that your post has been unfairly filtered by this rule or would like to know what specifically caused your post to be removed and not listed above, please feel free to contact us via Modmail!

3. General moderation, reporting and Modmail

While we understand that you may be frustrated with the removal of your post, or disagree with a moderation action, we would like to remind you and strongly encourage you to remain civil when expressing your concerns or disagreements. Whether it’s in a private Modmail, a post or in the comment sections. The moderation team, as you are aware, tries to keep subreddit working in the best possible way, and to further help that instead of spamming the blasphemy environment and hatred maybe just reaching out to a modmail and getting straight to the point of a problem, or post, is wiser than an outrageous comment about moderators.

Reporting, although it is useful for us moderators to see which posts may be in violation of the rules, it is probably wise to check twice that what you are reporting is in accordance with the post / comment. The same applies when you come across a post that has not been modified by our queue and that should be removed, we encourage you to report it. Maintaining that balance between the number and quality of the reports helps us to moderate this subreddit.

To do something, we always try to improve. If you see a problem or want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us in a modmail or report it! We can not always guarantee immediate turnaround operation or implementation, but be sure that your proposal is heard.

Thank you for your time, be safe and enjoy the rest of the day.

– Your AppleWatch moderation team

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