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Sticky Widgets brings simple Sticky Notes to the home screen

If you’re anything like me, the steady stream of apps that add support for iOS 14 widgets has put the home screen in a constant flow. Just when I think app releases have settled, and I can go back to consider what widget types I want on my devices, an app comes up with an interesting new widget idea and throws my newborn home screen strategy for a loop. The latest app that continues that trend is Sticky Widgets.

Sticky Widgets allows you to place widgets with notes on the iPhone or iPad home screen, which can be changed by tapping the widget. There are tools that are so obviously suitable for widgets, I’m surprised I’ve not seen a hundred other apps that do the same.

What makes Sticky Widgets great is the simplicity of the experience. When I have considered the idea of ​​building widgets that contain nothing but text, as it is possible with several apps for creating widgets, I have always thought that it would require typing the text in an app, and then setting up new widgets manually each time I wanted to change the text displayed. That kind of workflow felt too cumbersome, so until now I have never set up widgets that showed static text.

With Sticky Widgets, however, it is not necessary to create new widgets every time the text changes. Rather, you can have a single widget that stays in the same place on the home screen, and when you need to change the text, just tap the widget, print it, and your widget is updated with the new text. You do not have to worry about typing too much or too little text for the widget to appear, because whether you use a small, medium or large widget, the size will automatically change to best suit the widget area.

Sticky Widgets are easy on several features, but it̵

7;s fine for a simple tool like this. You can change the widget color between yellow, pink, and blue, and use MarkerFelt, Noteworthy, or the system’s standard San Francisco font for your text. A valuable feature is the ability to save different notes for different widgets, which is done by changing the note ID from a widget’s configuration screen (long press on the widget and press Edit Widget). That way, you can have several different stickers if you need them.

Sticky notes have been a proven way to remember important things throughout the day. Historically, they have been used on computer screens, desks, refrigerators or a million other places where we know they will catch our eye. With Sticky Widgets, you can bring the same valuable tool to your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Sticky Widgets is available on the App Store as a free download.

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