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streaming of xCloud games comes to iOS with a browser-based solution

Microsoft has been stymied by Apple’s rules for the App Store, which other than bans the company from bringing the Xbox streaming service to iOS devices. The company is preparing an update to the Xbox app that allows you to stream games from your own Xbox on the same local network, but you will not be able to stream games from the cloud.

According to Business Insider, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently told employees at an all-hands meeting that the company “will definitely end up on iOS.” With the App Store rules requiring Microsoft to list every single streaming game as a separate App Store release with its own ratings and downloads and icons and so on, how can this possibly happen?

The answer is: by avoiding Apple̵

7;s ecosystem in favor of the open network. Like Amazon’s just announced Luna game service, Microsoft will build an online solution that players can access on their iOS devices. The company is said to be targeting an early 2021 release.

While Apple probably sees this as a victory – proof that its policies do not prevent such services from being enjoyed on its devices – it is really just more proof that Apple platform is too restrictive for some developers and services, and that they

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