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Streaming real radio stations in iTunes

So I recently heard in more than one place that you can no longer stream radio stations using iTunes. But this is just not true. The current version of iTunes in Mac OS Mojave version still has this functionality. It's never gone. But you have to go look for it. So, if you're not familiar with this, you can stream the actual radio stations, like real radio stations broadcast in cities around the world. Someone who doesn't actually even send. They just stream on the web. So these are real streams of real people talking at the other end, playing music, that kind of thing. This is not the kind of streaming as with Pandora where songs are played specifically for you. These are actual radio stations.

iTunes has always had this functionality embedded in it. So here's how to find it in the current version of iTunes. The first thing you want to do is make sure you are watching music. You have the opportunity to switch between music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks. So you want to make sure you're in music. You can also go to View, Media, Kind, Music, and it takes you there. When you are in music, you will go to the library. You see things as for you and browse that apply to Apple Music. You see Radio which is also part of Apple Music and kind of misleading. It's not what you're looking for when it comes to radio stations and the store to buy stuff.

But you want to be at the Library. When you are in the library, look left here and you will see, under Library, a list of things. This is where you usually find the internet radio station except that it is not there. But if you move the cursor over from where it stands Library at the top Click Edit you see that you can customize this. So, for example, if I don't want to see genres there, I can get rid of genres. One of the things I can add is internet radio. So I'll add it and press Done. Now that I've added, I can click on Internet Radio and you can see a familiar list here that has existed in iTunes forever.

So you can now go to Genre here and see different types of radio stations from around the world. For example, if you want to listen to only classic rock here you can open this and you can see these different classic rock stations. Click on one and it will start streaming, live, and you will be able to listen to it. There are tons of these different radio stations in here. So you can have fun playing around. It's a great way to discover music that you may not discover, just stick around in Apple Music alone or watch a record store. So you can go through all this.

If you find a radio station you like, let's take the very first here, you can drag it over to the left sidebar and add it. Now you can actually click there instead of having to go find it again. Now you can, I will check click here and delete it from the left sidebar there. You can also go and find your own. So if you go to a website for a radio station, if they have a streaming component, they tend to list it on the radio station.

Now the radio station's websites are quite extensive and there are many things. As for this, for a local station here, there are many ways to listen. There are podcasts, links, it's apps, everything. But probably enough if I look closely enough, I find a link for streaming. I can see streaming here. I can see that there are several different streams. Obviously, Windows Media Player is not what I want. The built-in player will allow me to listen online. But I can see two here that are most likely to work with iTunes. In fact, even here it says iTunes for the MP3 stream. It also has a higher quality. I'll go and do it.

I can click on the list and it will download a file. I could also check the click on it and copy the link to the file. So either one. So let's hide it there. Now, if I wanted to actually strive for the drive, I have a couple of options. Now one I can go to downloads and find that file there. You can see it even has an iTunes icon on it. I click on it and it will start streaming the drive. I could also go open it. So I can open stream under file, open stream and I can paste that URL, the one I just copied, by clicking Control and it will do the same.

So you have these options if you want the radio station to be more easily accessible to you. You can drag and drop it to the left sidebar as shown before. You can click it there. So that's how you can listen to Internet streaming radio from around the world using the iTunes app on your Mac.

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