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Studio Ghibli launches 400 HD images from ‘Ponyo’, ‘Spirited Away’ and more – Review Geek

A snapshot from 'Spirited Away'.
This still from ‘Spirited Away’ would make a great desktop wallpaper! Studio Ghibli


7;s time to take the iPhone customization to the next level. Studio Ghibli just released 400 free HD still images from Spirited Away, Ponyo, From Up On Poppy Hill, The wind is increasing, When Marnie was there, The Secret World of Arrietty, and The story of Princess Kaguya. The photos are available on Studio Ghibli’s Japanese website.

Classic Ghibli fans may notice that these eight films are relatively new. Fortunately, the Ghibli team promises to release more film sets in the coming months. If you persevere after Pom-rom or KiKi’s delivery service stills as I am, so be sure to check out Studio Ghibli’s website and check in a few weeks.

If you’ve desperate, you can also dig through Studio Ghibli’s collection of wallpapers for video calls released in April 2020. These Zoom wallpapers are clear and cute, and they can easily replace your current mobile or desktop wallpaper.

If watching these movies gets you in the mood for a Studio Ghibli movie, it might be time to try HBO Max, a streaming service that includes the entire Ghibli catalog. You can also use a VPN to watch Ghibli movies on Netflix – just connect your VPN to a region outside the US, Canada or Japan, and sign in to your Netflix account.

Source: Studio Ghibli via The Verge

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