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Swift 5 and ABI question: iOSProgramming

So I saw that fast 5 is going to be binary compatible and I'm not quite sure what that means, but it can help on a previous problem I had. I started working in a cross platform frame called kivy that uses cython and python to create applications that work on ios. When I created my app, I tried to integrate a Noke bluetooth padlock into my app that was written quickly. Right now there is no way (at least I know) how to interact with python fast, but with cython I can talk to quickly by wrapping it in obj-c that can be wrapped in obj-c + + which can be packaged by cyton which can then eventually interact with python. So I had the quick code from Noke all wrapped up and collected and added it to my xcode project. The app just wanted to build (or start I can't remember) if I added a blank swift file. I think this empty swift file told xcode to pack swift packages with my app when it built it. Well, Kivy can't handle it quickly in the code and it continued to crash.


So my question is final; has swift to have abi means i can compile a quick file / package / framework into binary data and include it in my app without having to include any quick packages in my app to run? If that is the case, this will be good news for Kivy developers, as this could be a way to allow quick code inside Kivy Apps.

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