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Take better iPhone photos and videos with these four accessories.

In 2020, video has become an important part of everyday life, from Zoom conversations to vlogging to learning the latest TikTok dance. If you want the video to shine, you need some extra equipment. These four great accessories will help you get the most out of your iPhone or Mac camera.

MOZA MIni MI Gimbal
Take super-smooth video and charge your phone wirelessly with this innovative cardan.
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Moza Mini-MI wireless charging smartphone Gimbal – 30% off

The Moza Mini-MI keeps any smartphone quiet and steady for cinema-quality photos. It also supports wireless charging, so it can keep your device charged while you record. An companion app adds all kinds of features and controls, such as focus, zoom, time lapse and eight “follow” modes. There is even a start mode for Dutch angle shots.

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Pictar Video Chat Kit
This package includes a wide-angle lens, a flexible stand, a smart light and more to enhance smartphone video calls and photography.
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Pictar Video Chat Kit – 41% off

This set contains everything you need for good lighting, even pictures and ideal angles. Clip-on, the wide-angle lens means you can really show off that background bookshelf. It is also great for wide angle photography, especially scenery. A companion app offers easy lens adjustment, with 20 shooting modes. Also included is a tripod and a compact LED light for the best possible picture.

Buy now: Get the Pictar Video Chat Kit for $ 76 with code: VIPSALE20. There is a 41% discount.

Robo 360
This gimbal is also a selfie stick, with 50 hours of endless rotation, real-time measurement tracking and more.
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Movii 360 ° rotating Selfie Stick – 44% off

This 360-degree phone base makes it easy to take professional-class video with your iPhone. Infinite rotation, real-time target tracking, face tracking mode, AI composition assistant and other useful features instantly expand the possibilities of smartphone video. An elastic grip holds a secure grip on the phone, while a built-in battery lasts 50 hours per charge.

Buy now: Get a Movii 360 ° Rotating Selfie Stick for $ 47.20 with code: VIPSALE20. There is a 44% discount on the regular price.

Selfie Combo
Get the perfect vlog-worthy lighting with an LED ring light and telephone mount.
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Selfie Studio with LED ring light and universal phone holder – 45% off

Every vlog worth the salt has good lighting, so why not your video chats? This LED ring light makes it easy to get the soft, professional lighting we all want. With three lighting types and 10 brightness levels, you can dial in exactly the look you want. The phone holder holds your smartphone well, so it is also less shaky and can be set up quickly on any flat surface.

Buy now: Get Selfie Studio with LED Ring Light and Universal Phone Holder for $ 32 with Code: VIPSALE20. There is a 45% discount on the regular price.

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