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Take control tackles Big Sur, iOS 14 and Zoom

Our friends at Take Control have worked hard to explore and document the betas for macOS 11 Big Sur, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Although we do not expect Apple to release the official versions of these operating systems until later this month or in October, you can prepare you on them today with Take control of Big Sur and Take control of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

In the meantime, our friend Glenn Fleishman has been following the non-stop changes to the Zoom video conferencing software for an update to Take control of the zoom and a new, free book: Take control of Zoom Essentials.

Take control of Big Sur

Take control of the Big Sur covermacOS 11 Big Sur brings the most radical change to the Mac interface in many years, and there is also a significant change in Take Control’s approach to covering a new version of macOS. Instead of separate titles for upgrading to and using the new operating system, Take Control publisher Joe Kissell has distilled both topics on his 140 pages. Take control of Big Sur, which you can buy for $ 14.99.

In addition to ensuring that you are ready for the Big Sur upgrade and guide you through the upgrade process, Joe shows you how to use Big Sur’s new control center and overhaul alert center, how to take advantage of the new features in the redesigned Messaging app, how to work with Look Around and other new features in Maps and more.

Take control of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Take control of iOS 14 and the iPadOS 14 coverSince his first turn documenting iOS for Take Control in iOS 8: A Take Control Crash Course, TidBIT’s managing editor Josh Centers has worked from roughly the same script, documenting everything new each year and providing detailed coverage of the basics.

To Take control of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14he started over and produced 101 pages of brand new content focusing on the new features of these operating systems. He shows you how to use the new app library to organize your home screen, enhance your home screen with useful widgets, use new group discussion tools in Messages, find cycling routes in Maps, have conversations in another language with the new Translate app, protect your privacy with new features and more.

These features are all common to iOS and iPadOS, but in the iPadOS 14-specific end, he shows you how to use the new Scribble feature to type text anywhere with Apple Pencil and get more use of Apple Pencil in the Notes app. .

Take control of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is available for $ 10.99, but if you buy it with Take control of Big Sur, you can get both for only $ 16.99.

Take control of Zoom Essentials and take control of zoom

Take control of the Zoom Essentials coverWith so many people sitting at home, working and going to school remotely, video conferencing tools like Zoom are more important than ever. That’s why Glenn Fleishman gives away the 39 pages Take control of Zoom Essentials, which focuses on getting you started quickly with Zoom, including how to set up space, select equipment and how to attend meetings. It also provides advice on being an effective meeting participant, including details on how to share the screen. If you are tired of answering the same old questions, you can ask all your regular Zoom friends to download a copy.

Take control of the zoom coverIf Take control of Zoom Essentials makes you want more Zoom knowledge, you can also download Glenn’s 196 pages Take control of the zoom for $ 14.99. It provides comprehensive documentation of Zoom video conferencing from start to finish, including important information on how to host meetings.

The new 1.1 version adds a chapter on providing Keynote and PowerPoint presentations via Zoom, additional coverage of options for embedded webcams, and an appendix explaining virtual cameras. Other important updates reflect recent changes to the Zoom software, including an extended explanation of the three types of meeting hosts (I did not know there were three before this either).

It’s the busy season for Take Control, what about all the changes coming in Apple’s new operating systems. Joe Kissell tells us that he hopes to release over two dozen new and updated titles over the next few months, including perennial favorites such as Take control of backing up your Mac, Take control of the Apple Watch, Take control of shortcuts, and Take control of your online privacy.

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