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Tara AI: A smart and free Jira alternative [Sponsor]

Project management software should work for you, not for you. Tara AI eliminates configuration nightmares and lack of support for cross-functional teams that can enable you to get started with project management apps. It is the solution for teams who value their time and are looking for a tool that works with their existing Git workflow.

With Tara AI, engineering teams can regain valuable time and effort that would otherwise be wasted by sifting through a bottomless pit of tickets. Tara achieves this through a simple, modern design that gets out of the way, so that teams can move quickly and efficiently, and deliver releases according to plan. The app combines sprint planning with an overall task view to provide a clear bird̵

7;s eye view of your project and priorities, all synchronized with Git, so that everyone from engineering to sales knows what is happening and when.

From the time you register and create a work area through each phase of the project, it is the design of the entire process that separates Tara from the package. Tara is loaded with thoughtful features like quick statistics that show the progress you make during sprints with daily and weekly progress insights along with commitments and draw requests. Modern teams move fast and expect the tools to just work. Tara AI 1.0 delivers without user or task limits, completely free.

To learn more and sign up to try Tara AI for free today, visit tara.ai now.

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