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Tesla Sentry Mode helps the BC family recover their stolen motorhome

Thanks to the safety video taken by Tesla, a Langley, BC family has managed to recover their stolen motorhome, Global news reports (via TeslaNorth). Video from Tesla’s motion-activated camera system called Sentry Mode showed a man on a bike ride away.

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Derek, a family member who refused to be identified, woke up at 6 a.m. to find the RV missing from the family̵

7;s driveway. “It was like waking up from a dream, I was not sure at first,” he said.

“I kind of saw nothing and could not remember: did I actually take it home? Am I waking up here? And ten seconds later it struck me that it was actually gone, “he continued.

Video from Tesla, which has a motion-activated camera system, showed a man on a bicycle ride into the dead end and then ride away.

“A few minutes later a truck pulled in … turned slowly and then backed all the way up to the trailer. They fiddled around a bit, and within two minutes it was on their truck, and they pulled away. ”

The trailer was later found by police in a rural area of ​​Agassiz, where they allegedly discovered several other potentially stolen trailers and other stolen goods.

Thanks to the video from Tesla that was shared online, Global News reports that an officer recognized the suspected truck, while other news tips also flooded in after the video came online.

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