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The # 1 way to optimize your Mac

  Dr. Clean Despite a touch of digital OCD, there are times when I wonder why Mac users feel the need to clear junk files, clean their Mac, or optimize their Mac system. Still, there are many apps that do cleanliness deeds, so some will have everything neat on their Macs, right?

Here's another one that can ease your fears and massage your OCD gene, and that's the case with most of the so-called Mac optimizer apps, it's free. What does Dr. Cleaner do for you? It promotes as the 31 Mac Optimizer, it clears the junk files and optimizes the Mac memory. It seems to work. It is free. Do you need it?

What my father said

Growing up in the Midwest has advantages and disadvantages. Keeping a car clean from the items is not as it probably is in San Diego, CA. Here is a dirty, dinged up car norm. My father always said, " Jack, a clean car goes better ." Maybe he thought it did, but my car seems to run if it is freshly washed or covered with mud or soaked in the winter street.

Likewise, some Mac users insist that their Macs run better after they have been cleaned of garbage files and after the Mac is optimized. That's what Dr. Cleaner does, and it's free so what's the damage?

 Dr. Cleaner

What the tool does is what your Mac can do if you leave it at night. Mostly. It will remove temporary files that take up storage space but have little impact on how well a Mac is running. This means that with a click, you will get rid of download files, email cache, other cache files, log files and even the contents of the trash. But none of these options has anything to do with getting the Mac to run better.

With a click on the Scan button, Dr. Cleaner scans your Mac and prepares to delete a lot of files you probably don't need, probably take up too much space and do it for free.

 Dr. Cleaner

This applies to Mac's memory usage. Dr. Cleaner displays your Mac RAM content, how much goes to apps, and so on – and with one click optimizes RAM by making unused memory available for other applications.

There is also an option to uninstall programs you do not want to keep on your Mac. Scan for apps. Select the app you want to remove, double-check the files that Dr. Cleaner finds for each app, and click the Remove button.

Settings are simple so you can set up Dr. Cleaner to run is a no-brainer.

 Dr. Cleaner Preferences

Dr. Cleaner is one of the more interesting optimization apps available for Mac, because it optimizes memory and cleans up files you probably don't need, but probably doesn't know they're on your Mac in the first place. It's a Mac App Store app, and it has nearly 20,000 five star ratings, so more than a few Mac users think it does what it says.

The real question here is whether you really, really, crazy, deeply need Dr. Cleaner. If a freshly washed car is driving better, surely, why not? Dr. Cleaner is free and gets dozens of four and five star ratings from Mac users who think it does a great job. What else do they need?

Did I mention that it's free?

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