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The 10 best Horror games for Mac

Horror games go through a Renaissance, largely thanks to Indies. Outlast and Soma are the most famous examples, but what if you do not want another first person's game?

Since last year you have this excellent point-and-click-entry called STASIS.

In STASIS you wake up in an apparently abandoned spaceship. There are no signs of survivors, but the blood on the floor makes you understand something went wrong. It turns out that human experiments were performed on the ship, but could not be contained. Monsters wonder in the shadows, but they can not stop you from trying to find your lost wife and daughter.

STASIS is a great indie, but what impresses me most is how macabre this game can be. It does not need jump scares, the atmosphere does all the work. Point-and-click adventure games should not be so scary.

If you want a solid story, interesting puzzles and a tense atmosphere, look no further than STASIS.

One thing to … STASIS is one of these games pretty much that everyone can enjoy. The only reason it did not drive faster is that it is shortened to 60 FPS.

STASIS Mac benchmark results (in FPS):

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