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The 5 best apps for a temporary burner number

We've all seen criminal types using burner phones on performances like The Wire and Breaking Bad. And most of us secretly wanted to throw a phone or break it in half at the end of a call.

Unless you have reason to believe that the NSA or the FBI are interested in you, it's probably not something you need. However, there are all sorts of non-criminal reasons to get a second phone number. While you may want to get a physical burner phone for emergencies, you can also just get a burner app on your existing phone.

Why use a burner app?

If you're not sure why you want a burning phone app:

  • Online dating is more popular than ever, but it carries certain dangers, especially for women. Using a temporary number is a valuable extra layer of privacy.
  • When you buy or sell anything on Craigslist or place an ad anywhere, a one-time number means you don't have to handle calls when your business is finished. [1
    9659006] If you work in search, you can expect many calls from unknown numbers. It's good to know that these are related to your job search before responding.
  • Maybe you move to another area, or even another country. In such cases, you may want to obtain a local number before moving.
  • If the job requires you to be in contact or you run your own business, you will have a dedicated number that you know to answer professionally and can ignore when you are out of the clock, without having to carry two phones.
  • If someone monitors your conversations and texts (like an abusive parent or partner), you can get help with a number they do not have access to.

Whatever reason you need a second number, there are plenty of burner apps that can help. Here are some of the best burner phone apps.

1. Burner

Brenner probably has the best name, and it's one of the best and most simple, fake number apps available – as long as you live in the US or Canada.

It provides a real phone number (not a VoIP number like Google Voice) with a local code that you can use for calls, text messages and voicemail. The app gives you control over who can call you, and when you finish a number, you can only burn it at the touch of a button.

You can connect to Brenner for apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Slack and SoundCloud to share or save items. In addition, this app can appeal to online dating thanks to the GhostBot feature. This can provide automatic, non-binding responses to specific contacts.

Brenner gives you a seven-day trial with 20 minutes of talk time and 40 text messages. After that, you can pay for what you need or sign up for a premium subscription that gives you a permanent number with unlimited use.

Download: Burner for Android | iOS (Free Trial, Subscription Required)

2. Hushed

Hushed is much like Burner, but it has numbers for 40 countries and works by many more.

Unlike Burner, it uses VoIP. Thus, it will not eat into your minutes, but it will use data expense if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. If necessary, set it up to route calls through your own carrier.

It is free to use for three days, but only with US numbers. Then it costs $ 5 per month for one number with unlimited calls and texts in North America. There are a number of other payment options depending on your needs.

Figures from countries other than the US and Canada are charged at different rates (from $ 3 to $ 13 per month); conversations and texts are extra.

Download: Hushed for Android | iOS (Free Trial, Subscription Required)

3. CoverMe

CoverMe emphasizes privacy. In addition to hiding your number, you can do what is called "encrypted military-grade phone calls" and store sensitive documents in its "impenetrable" private vault.

Many of its features, such as encrypting calls and texts and self-destructive messages, will only work if the other party also has the app. However, the app can still be useful to anyone who wants an extra layer of privacy. It has US, Canada, UK, China and Mexico phone numbers.

The app is free to download. To add regular minutes to your schedule, you must subscribe.

Download: CoverMe for Android | IOS (Free Trial, Subscription Required)

4. Line2

Line2 is a business-oriented app that offers a second number on your existing phone and a host of other features such as conference calls, auto attendant and even free numbers. You can add multiple lines to different departments as your business grows. It is also suitable for people who want to keep their work and personal numbers separate.

It acts as a temporary number, but is actually aimed at professionals who want a permanent second number. Line2 has a desktop app so you can make and send texts from a Mac or PC.

It's a seven-day free trial, after which you have to subscribe.

Download: Line2 for Android | IOS (Free Trial, Subscription Required)

5. Side line

The big selling point of this page is that it is free. The basic app is ad-supported, but allows unlimited text messages and porting numbers to and from other services. You can choose to use your own carrier or Wi-Fi for calls. It's a great fake number app.

A $ 3 monthly subscription removes your ads. It has several premium features such as international calling and team accounts that you can buy with app purchases.

Download: Android sidebar | IOS (Free, purchase of apps available)

These burner units get the job done

All the apps in this list give you a number, but they are each changed to a slightly different market. As you use it is largely up to personal preference.

If none of these works for you, there are other ways to get a toll-free phone number and phone number

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. You can also try to buy a stupid phone like a burner phone.

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