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The ants are my friends, they blow in the wind

I'm glad Apple added text lists to iTunes on Mac and Music on iOS. Sometimes I hear (or mishear) something in a song I listen to, and I will consult the written text. Internet text databases like Genius, which are largely made by fans, can be incredibly helpful – but they can also be full of factual texts on a "girl with colitis passing by" scale.

Unfortunately, Apple's built-in text entries are no better. Over the past few months, I have noticed some remarkably horrible text transcripts in iTunes and Music. I can't quite figure out where Apple gets its text – I've seen some lyrics that were mirrored in Genius, and others in Musixmatch, and still others don't seem to come up online. [1

9659002] Unfortunately, it is difficult to track down these errors. Because text databases online can be edited by users, they can change from day to day. As far as I can tell, either Apple caching texts on their own servers or they are cached on my local devices, so they are not synchronized with what I can find online. (My devices are definitely out of sync with each other, as the lyrics are often different on iTunes than on Music.)

Most frustrating is the fact that somehow it is not an official, legitimate, licensed song lyrics database. Probably such a database would not be crowdsourced but actually use the official text (where available) from musical artists. I realize this may not be practical in all cases, and the use of fans can often be the best way to fill in the gaps in a huge content catalog.

But fans can also really lack context, and it can lead to some whippers when it comes to misheard texts. "Bad Vibes" by K. Flay is about a character that is absolutely terrible, right down to a new tattoo of the words "Dead on Arrival" printed clearly.

Except in my iTunes version, where the text is, You got a new tattoo / Death on arrival types, so challenge me. "Yes, it's a shame when you're out of DOA types.

Or consider" Die Happy "by Dreamers, where the behavior of an object of lust is referred to:" She smokes palm oils. "Now palm oil is not good for you – it is very high in saturated fat, but the fans of Dreamers apparently do not have enough historical connection to realize that the sign is actually "chain smoking pall mall." Much less healthy than palm oil!

I'd rather have bad fan- generated texts other than no texts at all I guess, but this feels like a place where Apple provides an imprimature for content that is below its standard – not to mention the standards of music companies whose content Apple licenses for Apple Music.

Anyway , if you see inaccurate texts, Apple says you should send Apple Music feedback. I'm right on it, but first, "fragile me while I kiss this guy …

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