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The Apple Watch is a runaway train

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6 in mid-September, the latest entry into what is a runaway train of a product. Series 6 introduces a revolutionary Blood Oxygen feature that gives users even more insight into their overall well-being. The Apple Watch Series 6 delivers many notable hardware enhancements, including a faster S6 pack (SiP) and next-generation altimeter, along with its most colorful range to date, with a beautiful palette of new case finishes and tapes. watchOS 7 provides family setup, sleep tracking, automatic hand washing, new types of exercise and the ability to curate and share dials, and encourage customers to be more active, stay in touch and better manage their health in new ways.

Apple Watch Series 6 with the distinctive braided Solo Loop and blue aluminum case.
Apple Watch Series 6 with the distinctive braided Solo Loop and blue aluminum case.

Neil Cybart for Aboveon:

In a few months, the number of people wearing the Apple Watch will exceed 100 million. While the technology press spent years in love with stationary smart speakers and the idea of ​​interfaces only, it was the Apple Watch and the tool on the wrist that ushered in a new paradigm shift in computing. We are now seeing Apple take advantage of the growing number of Apple Watch users to build a formidable healthcare platform. Apple Watch is a runaway train without a company capable of slowing it down …

After years of deep skepticism and cynicism, the consensus reaction to the Apple Watch has changed and is now positive. Much of this is due to the fact that it is impossible to miss the Apple Watches that appear on the wrists around the world. According to my estimates, 35% of iPhone users in the US now use an Apple Watch. This is a shockingly high percentage for a product category of five years, and it says a lot about how Apple’s intuition about the wrist was right.

The number of people using an Apple Watch continues to increase steadily. According to my estimate, there were 81 million people wearing an Apple Watch at the end of June. According to Apple, 75% of Apple Watch sales go to first-time customers. This means that 23 million people will have bought their first Apple Watch by 2020. To put this number in context, there are around 25 million people wearing a Fitbit. The Apple Watch installed base increases with the size of Fitbit’s total installed base every 12 months.

MacDailyNews Take: The world has finally come around to the Apple Watch, which is now everywhere you look (even if it’s only via Zoom meetings for now).

Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit selling millions upon millions of devices. – September 9, 2014

We do not see anyone wanting to take off their Apple Watch to wear a “jewelry watch”. The Apple Watch is not just a watch to be replaced with another regular watch. Maybe wear two watches in fashion for special occasions? – April 3, 2015

Here’s what Swiss or other watch manufacturers should do: Push the idea of ​​wearing two watches, one on each wrist or two on one wrist, into fashion. Because when people start using Apple Watch, they will not leave it at home. Ever. They will not go to dinner parties without the Apple Watch. And that’s bad, bad news for watchmakers other than Apple. See and see. – April 16, 2015

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