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The Apple Watch Series 6 always has an altimeter

Despite an annual update plan, Apple continues to find new ways to improve the Apple Watch. This time there is a new altimeter in the smartwatch.

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6. The prominent feature of the new smartwatch is the inclusion of oxygen monitoring in the blood. However, for people who want height monitoring in real time, altimeter is always something for you. The new, more power-efficient barometric altimeter, which is always on, works with GPS and Wi-Fi networks nearby to provide real-time elevation throughout the day.

With this feature, Apple Watch Series 6 owners will have their height changes, even the smallest above ground level, tracked by the smartwatch. All this, up and down, up to the measurement of 1 foot. Apple even includes a new dial complication or training. You can see it in the image at the top of this article.

This new feature will be present in the Apple Watch Series 6 at launch.

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