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The Apple Watch Series 6 has some interesting features that did not make the event

Apple Watch Series 6

I have just packed the series 5 min to be sent out after selling it a couple of days ago, so it will take a long two weeks and wait for my new series 6 to arrive. That said, I̵

7;m glad I got what I did. Stainless Apple watches are not cheap, so every bit helps.

When talking about selling, you can take a look at Swappa if you want to earn a few bucks to raise money for a new Series 6. It’s about as safe and convenient for a place as you can find to sell your used equipment. You can do a little more elsewhere, but I really appreciate an online marketplace that prioritizes the security of both parties.

Anyway, enough about the past. Now is the time to look ahead.

While Apple’s event focused only on four new products, a new service and a service pack, Apple actually ended up omitting a few new Apple Watch Series 6 features. While they were revealed shortly after the incident, I think they are interesting enough to be worth a little closer discussion.

It pays to be first

Series 6 will be the first watch to receive Apple’s year-old U1 chip and ultra wideband antenna. This chip can be used to facilitate compatibility with Apple’s brand new CarKeys feature. It will also make it quick to track down a lost Apple Watch with high accuracy.

Considering the smaller size of the watch, it is much appreciated for a little extra help in finding one that is lost. This is a particularly valuable attribute for models without the mobile network, which is far more difficult to track down by that fact. Here, U1 hopes to prove to be as useful as I hope it will be, and that it will soon find its way to all new Apple devices.

It is also good to be faster

I really hoped the Series 6 would get fast charging and was quite disappointed as it was not announced as one of the new features during the event. After all the talk about new Sleep Tracking features in watchOS 7, I figured it would be discussed during the show. When it was not, I suspected that it might not have cut this year. It would not have been the first function to fall victim to 2020.

However, as often happens with Apple events, there were a few things that Apple saved for later. Fast charging was one of them this time. Where and how it was announced does not matter to me as long as we have received it. I think it will be of great help to those of us who barely get through a day between an always on screen and workout or other use. This is the best way Apple needs to make sleep tracking easier for demanding users to take advantage of.

A new way to pay

When Apple announced that it was not interested in Apple Card device payment plans for iPad, AirPods, Mac and other devices earlier this year, I thought it was a good idea. This is exactly the kind of thing that will benefit current cardholders, while making Apple Card more attractive to a wider audience. It also gives Apple more control over the purchasing and financing process than a loan program like the iPhone Upgrade Program.

I remember being very surprised that Apple Watch was not on the list of eligible devices when these payment plans were announced. As popular as Apple’s first laptop is, it just did not make sense to me. Well, Apple corrected this audit this week and added Watch to the list of devices that can be purchased with an Apple card using a zero interest rate plan. I guess Apple just saved this to splash with the new Series 6 hardware.

At this point, there are no Apple Watch mysteries left to investigate or secrets left to discover. We know what we will get in one to two weeks. I’m just glad that what we get is a little better than we thought immediately after the event, and even a little easier to buy.

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