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The best Apple Watch apps for students to plan their schedule

  Apple Watch Apps for Student Planning

When it is time for the school to start again, it is important for students to plan the day and plan the week. And there's no practical way to do that other than with Apple Watch apps. With the portable and proper apps on your wrist, you can see which class starts when, which tasks to pay, and when leisure time begins.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps for students to schedule. [19659005] iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

  iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner Apple Watch

For an excellent student planner who holds classes, assignments, exams, schedules, instructors and more, all in one spot , check out iStudiez Pro for Apple Watch and iPhone. This handy tool will keep you updated on everything you have on your plate.

iStudiez Pro Apple Watch Features:

  • Check the scheduler for free time for you and what's on your schedule for the current and next day with details such as times, room numbers and instructors.
  • See assignments and exams with due date and information.
  • Switch views between list and grid with Force Touch.

For students in need and iStudiez Pro is an all-encompassing tool to keep up with school. Along with the useful Apple Watch features, you'll love what the app has to offer on the iPhone as well.

  • Availability : iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android and Windows
  • Cost : Free with multiplatform cloud sync app options

myHomework Student Planner

  myHomework Student Planner Apple Watch

The MyHomework app concentrates largely on your assignments, but also allows you to add classes, schedules, and instructors with flexible features. The iPhone app has a user-friendly interface to add and view everything you need for the school year and exactly what you need on the Apple Watch to get you wherever you go.

myHomework Apple Watch features:

  • View tasks on the main screen with due date, class name and time.
  • Check out assignment details as notes and instructors.
  • Note the tasks completed using Force Touch.

To keep track of all assignments from essays and articles to homework and research, myHomework is a useful app for all grade levels or students. In addition, the features offered on the iPhone include a calendar and connection directly to Teachers.io to receive instructor announcements.

  • Availability : iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows, Chrome, Kindle Fire and the web
  • Cost : Free with in-app purchases for themes, cross-platform synchronization, network access and more

Class Schedule

  Class Schedule Apple Watch

Maybe you don't have full load right now and just take a class or two. So you may not need or want all the bells and whistles of the apps above. If so, take a look at the class schedule. With the app on Apple Watch and iPhone, you can add exactly what you need to plan accordingly.

Class Schedule Apple Watch Features:

  • View Classes and Times for each weekday.
  • Include holidays in your schedule for the Saturday morning classes.
  • Check out your missions with Force Touch.

Class Timetable is a basic student planner that allows you to add classes, schedules and assignments quickly and easily.

  • Availability : iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android
  • Cost : Free with in-app purchase for the class, giving you class notifications, task reminders, and other useful features [19659015] Packing up these Apple Watch apps for student scheduling

    It can be just as tough to keep up with everything while you're at school. So make sure you are prepared with an app you can bring with you at any time; on the wrist.

    Are you a student planning to check out one of these useful apps? If you have another you would like to recommend to your fellow students, feel free to leave a comment below!

    And go to the Best Of app list section for other useful apps for your devices or apps just for Apple Watch.

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