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The Best Electric String Trimmers for Your Lawn Care Needs – Review Geek

  Person using an electric cord trimmer to mush and cut grass
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That's the time of year where the lawn needs to maintain. An electric cord trimmer is a great way to care for grass that is grown out of control, weeds, and even clean up the edge. Here are the best electric cord trimmers out there.

When it comes to a serious mining engineer who is clearing all overgrowth over a whole park, it is difficult to beat the driving time and power of a gas powered string trimmer. But for yard work at home, it is difficult to beat the benefits of an electric model. They are less noisy, they do not give out exhaust throughout you, and there is no fusing with gasoline / oil mixtures.

We have mostly focused on cordless electric cord trimmers as they are just so much more practical than having to pull a cable around your lawn ̵

1; when you go unplugged there is no wire to travel on, damage or get frustrated with . However, wireless trimmers cost more than wires, so we've made room for a good budget option if you're willing to take up all the extra power a cable brings.

Whatever you go for,

The best mix: Greenworks 13 inch 40V wireless string trimmer ($ 120)

  Greenworks 13 inch 40V wireless string trimmer

The perfect blend of good value And extensive features, Greenworks 13-inch 40V wireless string trimmer will keep you (and your lawn) happy. It is light in just over five pounds and sports a 13 "wide cutting path that helps you cover more ground with less movement.

In addition to that, it has a 90 degree rotating head with a lace wheel that clears up the lawn your 40V battery gives you about 60 minutes of driving time, so you can easily handle up to half a hectare of land before you need to recharge.

Best Premium: Greenworks PRO 16- inch 80V wireless string trimmer ($ 200)

  Greenworks PRO 16 inch 80v Wireless String Trimmer

Greenworks PRO 16 inch 80V Wireless String Trimmer is the heavy equivalent of the previously mentioned Greenworks string trimmer. Just get 45 minutes of driving time here, but it's a much stronger engine, and Greenworks expects it to match a 32cc gas engine and can cut an area of ​​16 "at a time.

The trimmer includes a variable speed trigger for different areas that need work, and you can add a number of Attachments for different types of work such as edging. If your grass is able to grow quickly or get out of your hand (we don't want to judge), it is able to be revved up and cut down the lawn without feeling too much work or being clogged up as cheaper trimmers. It is a bit heavier than most electric models of 16 pounds if the lawn needs a little more effort thrown in, you will be happy with the results.

Best For A Neat Trim: Worx WG184 13 "Wireless Grass Trimmer / Edger ($ 127)

  Worx WG184 13" Wireless Grass Trimmer / Edger

All trimmers here provide a kind of cutting tool, but Worx WG184 13 "Wireless Grass Trimmer / Edger makes things the best is a lawn that also looks great around the edges, this is the tool for you. For the price you get two batteries for a combined power of 40V, so it lasts about You can easily switch it from conventional trimmer to an inline wheel tool in seconds via a pushbutton so you can get to the finer details of your lawn.

In addition, it has a command coil system that saves immediately a line you have a lot of stress There is also a gas-like variable speed control system for you when you are n eed to put a little more effort into a stubborn patch of grass. Ultimately, it's the simplicity of the tool that makes Worx WG184 13 " Cordless Grass Trimmer / Edger a good buy.

Best Budget Trimmer: Black & Decker ST8600 ($ 40)

  Black & Decker ST8600

Wireless electric trimmers are usually much more practical than the cords. variety. If you are on a tight budget though, you may not be able to afford a good quality wireless device. Instead, you buy Black & Decker ST8600. It has a strong 5.0 amp motor with a power transmission giving more simplicity and power.

In addition, it has swivel handle positions and you can adjust the height. For edging, there is a special guide for precise corners, plus it has an automatic mattress. Essentially, it has everything you could want, except that it is an electric electric trimmer. Still, if you just need a small work trimmer, you can't go wrong with this and you don't have to wait for the batteries to recharge.

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