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The best Farming Simulation Games on iOS and Android

Satisfy your craving for land living with these farm simulation games. There is something on this list for everyone, whether you are looking for a cheap pastime or want some serious doses of farm life with realistic farm machines and tasks. There are even some unusual versions of farm simulations that offer magic and eggs! Enjoy!

Free Farm Simulator Apps for Android and iOS

Jane’s Farm – Farming Town

Qumaron – Free with in-app purchases

Jane's FarmEnjoy this colorful farm game in the 1930s as you expand your business and contribute to the community. This interactive game lets you team up with players around the world, work together and shop as you create a bustling farm community, solve quests and more. You can learn all about planting, harvesting and caring for your animals. With additional features, you can familiarize yourself with production and different types of trade to make your farm the most successful ever.

This app is free to download. It offers in-app purchases of in-game currency for ninety cents to $ 9.99 for game enhancement and additional content. The app has an overwhelming number of five-star ratings in the App Store, so it’s worth seeing.

iOS Store

Google Play

Farm On! – Raise crops and barley

Merge Fun Corporation Limited – Free with in-app purchases

Farm On!  - Raise crops and barleyFarm On! offers cute animals, crops and all the other inventory of farm life you can enjoy. The game is flexible and fun, and you can be as successful as you want. Keep the pigs, cows, sheep and chickens happy, and plant, care for and cultivate crops in the fields. You can fish, make recipes and cook, buy, sell and shop.

Farm On! is free to play, but it offers optional in-app purchases to enhance your game. However, these purchases are optional, and developers even encourage you to disable in-app purchase options if you do not want to participate.

iOS Store

Farmville 2- Country Escape

Zynga Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Farmville 2 Country EscapeFarmville started as a popular Facebook game and migrated to a standalone app. This game offers many different games with a farm theme. You can raise crops, care for the animals and all the usual farm simulation activities, but there is also an engaging story to explore, as well as hidden treasures, prize wheels and more.

Farmville 2 is free to download. There are in-app purchases to improve the game and unlock more content, from $ 1.99 to $ 99.99, as well as a subscription program to keep you in coins, the currency of the game.

iOS Store

Google Play

Family Farm Seaside

Century Games PTE. LTD. – Free with in-app purchases

Family Farm SeasideThis farm simulator will offer you hours of happy, fun fun. You can raise over 200 different types of crops and animals, and discover more than 400 recipes in the kitchen. Decorate your farm from a huge collection of seasonal furnishings, and even dress the farm’s pets in costumes.

The app is free to download and offers in-app purchases ranging from ninety cents to $ 99.99. The game is also extensive. You can compete with other farmers, own and run your own seaside resort and much more.

iOS Store

Google Play

Wild West: New Frontier. Farm

Social quantity – Free with in-app purchases

Here’s your chance to make it big as a farmer! This game starts you off with a small plot and a few animals, and it’s up to you how far and how fast you evolve. Work hard and you will unlock more animals, crops and even workshops, such as dairy products, kitchens and mills, as well as a variety of others. Raise some great crops, including coffee and hazelnut.

Wild West: New Frontier is free to download and play. It offers in-app purchases in the form of game currency packages at prices ranging from $ 1.99 to $ 19.99. Enjoy!

iOS App Store

Google Play

Big Farm Mobile Harvest

GoodGame Studios – Free with in-app purchases

Large yardThis social game allows you to connect with agricultural fans from all over the world. Plant the crops, breed the animals, and form your very own farming village in the process. Trade with others, work together on projects and create joint ventures, just like in real life.

Big Farm Mobile Harvest is free to download. There are in-app purchases available, from ninety cents to $ 99.99 to enhance your game and unlock additional content. Best of all, you can cultivate the farm to relax or spice things up with built-in missions to liven things up. It is your choice!

iOS App Store

Google Play

Paid Farm Simulator Apps for Android and iOS

Stardew Valley

Chucklefish Limited – $ 7.99

Stardew ValleyTry to save a run-down property in this amazing RPG farming game. You start with overgrown weed fields, so you can build and customize just the way you want, with hundreds of decorations to choose from. Breeding seasonal crops, caring for animals and more as you take your property from trash to cash. You can even start your own family, with 12 possible matrimonial partners to choose from!

This app has tens of thousands of five star ratings! With over 50 hours of play, you get a lot of fun out of it. It’s a bit of an investment, but if you love farming simulations, this may be for you.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Farming Simulator 18

GIANTS Software GmbH – $ 3.99 with in-app purchases

Farming Simulator 18Take a look at this: try raising farm animals (sheep, cows or pigs), cultivate crops and even forestry in this realistic simulation game. You can use over 50 different farm vehicles created to be realistic versions of great names in agriculture, such as Fendt, Massey-Ferguson and Valtra. Crops include sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, rapeseed, corn and even sunflowers. Breed and sell your pet to earn even more.

This game is realistic and fun. It costs $ 3.99 and includes optional in-app purchases of in-game currency in bundles from ninety cents to $ 2.99. It’s social too – you can play right with your real friends and neighbors.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Breeding USA 2

Bowen Games LLC – $ 3.99 with in-app purchases

Breeding USA 2Try your hand at 9 different fields of 250 acres with corn, wheat, barley, soybeans and hay. Buy livestock farming and focus on growing fodder fields or pastures. There are over 100 different cars to use, each with realistic wheel action that helps you feel like you are actually driving across the field.

Farming USA 2 costs $ 3.99 to start playing, and in-app purchases range from ninety cents to $ 11.99. You can especially fall in love with the realistic night / day and weather functions in this app – find out how dependent farm life really is on outdoor conditions!

iOS App Store

Google Play

Farming with a twist

Decurse – Magical Farming Game

Big Fish Games, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Decurse - Use magic to create a farming empireFarm meets magic in this game – your challenge is to free a cursed land from the underwater prison. Wizards, mermaids, pandas and more are waiting for your magical help. You can cultivate, mine gems and gold to rebuild homes and buildings, and fly the hot air balloon to trade the farm’s products with other residents.

The app is free to download and has many types of in-app purchases available. Each gives you in-game currency to enhance your experience and unlock more content. Package prices range from $ 1.49 to $ 30.99.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Fish Farm 3 – Aquarium

Bitbros, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Fish Farm 3 - 3D Aquarium SimulatorBuy, breed, breed and sell a huge selection of both saltwater and freshwater submarines. All your favorites are here, including jellyfish, starfish, whales, dolphins, sharks and seahorses. You can also check to create completely unique species, as well as manipulate colors and markings. And it’s all in 3D!

Fish Farm 3 is free to download and play. There are various in-app purchases to enhance your game and unlock additional content. Prices range from $ 1.99 to $ 14.99. Packages with currency in the game and regular level jumps are available.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Egg, Inc.

Auxbrain, Inc. – Free with in-app purchases

Egg, Inc.This egg-selling game offers something for everyone. You can relax and play at a comfortable pace, unlock new content as you go, or you can challenge yourself to build the largest, best egg farm ever. And I will not even try to explain the chicken heat …

This game is free to play. There are in-app purchases of golden eggs, chances to smash your piggy, and buy pro permits at prices ranging from $ 2.99 to $ 19.99.

iOS App Store

Google Play

Tiny Farm

Com2uS Corp. – Free with in-app purchases

Tiny FarmHave you ever dreamed of a farm so small that you can hold it in the palm of your hand? Your wish has come true with this imaginative game. Build the best farm, so take care of it so the animals can start their own families. Raise black sheep, blue cows and green chickens – all the animals in your favorite colors. And your little, little farm is open to visitors! You can also visit others.

Tiny Farm is free to download. Game currency is available in packages from ninety cents to $ 99.99. You can also check out the new subscription option.

iOS App Store

Google Play

For the youngest farmers

Animals Farm for Kids

Children’s play projects – Free

Animals Farm For KidsHelp your kids get a taste of the countryside as they learn invaluable information about where the bounties in the grocery store actually come from. They will discover the origins of honey, milk and cheese, and also get to “do” basic farm tasks such as attaching fences and changing tires on tractors. They want to have fun learning!

This free app will help your child not only learn the basics of living on the farm, but it will also help them develop important concepts such as cause and effect and imaginative play. The app is free, but parents should be aware that there are ads. It is intended for children aged 3 to 8 years.

Google Play

Animal Farm for Kids Toddler Games

Go Kids! – Free with in-app purchases

Animal Farm for KidsThis app takes full advantage of the toddler’s love for animals! Children will learn some of the basic insights about farms as they learn about cause and effect, logic and fine motor skills. Plant and cultivate a garden, take care of animals and more!

This app is free to download and includes in-app purchase options ranging from ninety cents to $ 9.49. Parents should be aware that clicking on the ads will take children out of the app and to external sites that may not be suitable for children.

Google Play

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