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The Best Interactive Cat Toys – Review Geek

  A cute cat preparing to prey on its prey.
alekso94 / Shutterstock

Cats are natural predators, and they must face the challenges of hunting every day. If you're ready to give your cat the instinct-fulfilling playing time, all you need are a few interactive toys.

What's wrong with non-interactive toys?

There is nothing wrong with "non-interactive" toys. If your cat manages to get lots of exercise from stuffed mice and plastic balls, that's fine.

The thing is that interactive toys are built to trigger the cat's sense of prey. They make weird noises, they hide behind obstacles, and they can break free from death in an instant. Interactive toys feel like prey for your cat and they will drive him absolutely bonkers .

Here's what to expect from some of these interactive toys:

  • Your Cat Will Pant : The best toys will end with your cat peeing like a dog. We're not joking. It's fun to see in person, and your cat loves it too.
  • You Want To Be Best Friends : Cats aren't stupid. When you are involved in their playing time, they understand that you are giving them the opportunity to have fun. It's like playing games with a child; Your cat will like you more for it.
  • Kitty Won & # 39; t Get Into Trouble : You cannot deny an animal its natural instinct. It will always find a place somewhere. If you do not play with your cat, it may choose to roll out your toilet paper for fun. Or it may pee on your bed for attention.

Interactive cat toys are excellent for training and building a relationship with your cat. So let's get into it. Here are the best interactive toys for your best cat friend.

Budget Pick: Cat Dancer 1

  Cat Dancer wire toy.
Cat Dancer

Cat Dancer is just a thread and some cardboard. You wrap it around, hide it behind obstacles and run it along surfaces (cats love it on top of furniture). It's super cheap, super easy, and your cat will go crazy for it.

Yes, this sounds silly. But in our experience, every cat loves the Cat Dancer. Although it sounds like something your cat won't like, it's worth trying out for under $ 5.

Premium Pick: Petronics Mousr

  Petronics Mousr remote control mouse game.

The Petronics Mousr is an interesting little toy. It looks like an RC car, because that's what it is. You can manually control it from your phone and laugh while your cat goes into absolute frenzy. You can also set it to one of several automatic game modes, which are constantly updated by Petronics developers.

As expected, Mousr works on all floor surfaces, including carpets. It has a removable tail, it can straighten itself when it's down, and it can play dead (or wear) when caught. Mousr is also relatively easy to take apart and clean in case it gets tangled in a little hair or yarn.

The Must-Have Toy: Da Bird

  Da Bird feather string toy.
GoCat [19659003] Like Cat Dancer, Da Bird is a super simple toy that cats can't get enough of. It's just a rod, a string and a plastic bird. When you wave the bird in the air, it orbits and makes a flapping or fluttering sound. That's all it takes, and cats go crazy for it.

Cats can ruin Da Bird after just a few weeks of play, but hey, that's a sign that your cat is having fun. Plus, "bird refill" is so cheap that the price of buying a bird refill every few months is mostly negligible.

For Sheet-Scratchers: Petlinks Motion Mat

  The Electronic Motion Mat Petlinks. It is a mat with an engine underneath. The engine rotates a spring.

If your cat likes to turn on bedding every time you move your feet, consider getting Petlinks Motion Mat. This interactive toy is just a plastic mat and a motorized spring. The engine causes the springs to spin around the inside of the mat like a trapped bird, and cats simply can't resist it.

Just as a disclaimer, the engines on spinning toys can burn out if your cat is a little too grabby . If yours is the type to hold onto things and never let them go, you may want to consider another interactive toy. (That said, this toy is not too expensive. It may be worth your cash even if your cat is dangerously straightforward.)

For Foodie Cats: Cat Amazing Treat Maze

  The Cat Amazing Treat maze.
Cat Amazing

Whether your cat is a lazy foodie or a brain tanned genius, it's sure to love Cat Amazing Treat Maze. This interactive toy is just the way it looks – a papplaze maze. But it comes with a twist; There are three "levels" of difficulty in solving puzzles. Throw a treat into one of the treat maze levels, and watch as your cat puts its mind to work.

Along with being a great interactive toy, this treat maze can serve as an excellent weight loss supplement for tough cats. Essentially, you can use Amazing Treat Maze as a supplemental food bowl. Put a small portion of food in the regular bowl and get your cat working for the extra food it wants.

For Busy Cat Owners: Petcube Smart Camera

  Petcube smart camera.
Petcube [19659003] Wondering what your cat does when you are at work? They probably just sit around. If you want to take advantage of the open time (and toughen your cat before coming home), consider taking the Petcube Smart Camera.

Petcube Smart Camera has more features than you expect. On a basic level, there is a Wi-Fi connected camera that lets you watch, record and talk to your pets. But it also has a built-in laser (it's safe for pets), so you can play with your cat remotely while you're at work. Or you can set the laser to the automatic option when you are too busy to play.

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