"Do you have photos on the iPhone you want to keep private?" Sandy Writtenhouse asks for the iDownload Blog. "You can let your child use the phone to play a game or let your friend borrow it to call. And suddenly these pictures are displayed on the screen. No! No matter what the pictures can include, and we won't ask , there is a way to make sure no one can see them. "

"Here are some of the best iPhone apps to hide pictures to keep them away from prying eyes," writeshouse writes.

• Private Photo Vault ̵

1; Pic Safe
• Secret Photo Album Hide Image
Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

"If you have photos you want to make, never go beyond your iPhone or iPad, then check out these apps, "writtenhouse writes. "They give you great features for free and much extra with their app purchases."

Read about what each app offers in the entire article here.

MacDailyNews Take: right now, the best solution is a third party app, but we hope Apple will only allow us to hide and password protect photos and videos directly in the Photos app or in the camera app (via, for example, a lock / unlock the icon in the Camera app where "locked" means you are currently shooting password protected image / video that is not shared via My Photo Stream and which will be locked in the iCloud Photo Library.)

How to hide photos and videos on iPhone in a locked and private album – August 24, 2017