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The best iPhone home screen customization apps

Home screen customization apps

iOS 14 has radically changed the way the home screen works on the iPhone. While you can continue to use the old-fashioned icon racks, the opportunity to insert widgets directly on the home screen has breathed new life into Apple̵

7;s premium smartphone. The inclusion of the new App library, combined with the ability to hide entire pages on the home screen, too provides a degree of customization never seen before. That said, there are various apps that can help you customize your iPhone home screen even more. Let’s take a look at ten of the best apps you should seriously consider installing right now.

Apps for customizing the iPhone’s home screen

1. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith has already become incredibly popular in the very short time since its release. You may have already heard of it – or even have it installed – on your iPhone. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Widgetsmith lets you create your own widgets from scratch.

Basically, you start by choosing a widget size – small, medium or large. Then you will customize it by selecting a category, such as time, date, calendar, reminders, health and activity, and so on – this will require you to give Widgetsmith permission to access data from the current app on your iPhone. although.

Make sure you choose a font, hue, background color, and border color. Finally, go into the widget gallery on iPhone, and you can find your newly minted widget listed under Widgetsmith. You can continue to create and add as many widgets as you want. The app also lets you create custom widgets by adding your own photos and text.Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith comes with an annual and monthly subscription ($ 19.99 / $ 1.99) that lets you unlock weather-related widgets. However, the free version is all you need to go crazy on the iPhone home screen.

2. Color programs

Color Widgets is the perfect option if you think Widgetsmith is too complicated. The app comes with a dizzying selection of colorful pre-made widgets that are super easy to customize. Just choose a size, change the font style and color, choose a background color, and you go. You can also set your own wallpapers if you want.

All widgets also have a battery icon with a percentage reading, which is perfect for iPhones with Face ID. However, you can choose to disable it by jumping to the Settings pane in the app.Color Widgets

If you like Color Widgets, you can upgrade to the PRO version with a one-time payment of $ 3.99, which will unlock more styles, designs and pre-made widgets.

3. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo takes custom widget creation to the extreme with a block-based design approach. You have blocks for lots of things like text, photos, health data, birthdays, calendar events, music, JSON URLs and more.

Start creating a widget and you can stack blocks in any order you want. Each block has its own customization screen – for example, you can use the text block to change the font size, background / foreground color and alignment (left, center or right). Almost all blocks also allow you to set your own wallpaper.Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo can be quite overwhelming, but it’s a great app that lets you pack lots of information into a single widget. Combine that with iOS 14’s functionality for stacking modules, and you can have literally anything you want in just a few Widgeridoo widgets.

However, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of Widgeridoo (costs $ 3.99) to do something besides adding more than a single widget to your Home screen.

4. Widget Wizard

Widget Wizard acts as Widgetsmith and allows you to easily create your own widgets from scratch. You can add calendar events, reminders, health statistics (such as steps, distance, cycling distance, etc.), Clocks, and so on, and then customize them with accent and background colors.

It also works as a Widgeridoo to some extent, allowing you to create widget combinations (a single widget with multiple types of data). Widgets can also have a ‘Stat Bar’, which consists of details such as battery percentage and select health statistics.

However, you must pay $ 1.99 in advance to start using Widget Wizard. The app also has in-app purchases, but they are for donation purposes only.

5. Photo Widget

As the name suggests, Photo Widget is perfect if your only goal is to add widgets with your own photos. Select a widget size, add up to six images, and then attach it to the Home screen via the widget gallery. Clicking on an image opens it automatically in the Images app. It is perfect if you want to sprinkle some pictures that match the wallpaper.

Photo Widget has been around for many years (where you can use it in Today View), but with iOS 14 it only makes more sense to use it since the native Photo widget does not allow you to select specific photos. The catch – it costs you $ 0.99 in advance.

6. Camera widget

Speed ​​camera widget is a completely free app that allows you to create small, medium and large photo widgets. The interface looks quite dated and confusing, but becomes easier after you have used it for a few minutes.

Basically, you start stacking images one after the other – you can also crop images to fit a specific widget size as you add them. The Speed ​​Camera widget also allows you to add an overlay message and place it in any corner of the module.Speed ​​camera widget

When you are done, you can go to the widget gallery on iPhone and add the desired Speed ​​Camera widget on the home screen or in the day view. The widget will then scroll through your photos and select one (complete with the overlay message) once every 10 minutes.

Admittedly, the Photobox Widget is pretty basic, but it’s a valuable addition to your toolbox if you seriously want to customize your home screen with an app like Widgetsmith.

7. Clock Widget: Custom Clock App

At the moment, there are many clock widget apps on the App Store, however Clock Widget: Custom Clock App (now it’s a generic name!) caught our eye with the amazing collection of ready-made and customizable clock widgets.

The built-in templates (abstract, 3D, nature, etc.) look very good, but they require you to upgrade to the Pro version.

However, the set of customizable widgets included in the app is completely free, allowing you to add your own wallpapers. There are three types to choose from – basic, digital and minimal. Once you’ve selected one, you can either change the text color or add your own background so you can merge them with any iPhone wallpaper.Clock Widget Custom Clock App

Sure – you can do this with the other apps to create widgets in this list, but the Clock Widget: Custom Clock App makes the whole process effortless.

8. Ermine

If you want to add a calendar widget that can gel with any iPhone background out there, then Ermine is your choice.

Dive into Eraser Settings, select an option to change the widget color, and then select one of the preset colors, or use the background color selector to choose which color you want. You can also add witch codes to nail down the exact colors. To add it, the background color selector also lets you change the color opacity.Ermine

Ermine lets you install your calendar software in the usual small, medium and large sizes. The app also has full integration with the Calendars app on the iPhone, so expect to be in sync with upcoming events at all times.

9. Shortcuts

You do not have to look too far to grab Apple’s own Shortcuts app since it was baked right into the iPhone itself – if you can’t find it, you can download it here. But how can the shortcut app help you customize your iPhone? It allows you to literally change any icon on the home screen.

Basically, you create a simple shortcut that allows you to open an installed app on the iPhone. Once you have added the shortcut to the Home screen, you can change the shortcut icon to any image you select. For the exact process, check out our step-by-step guide.Shortcuts

This feature has been available on the iPhone since iOS 12, but iOS 14 has given good reason to just go ballistic. Thanks to the new widgets on the home screen and the app library (where you can easily hide original app icons), people have literally transformed entire home screens in amazing ways. Hand-drawn doodles or sharp neon signs, anyone?

10. Pinterest

You read correctly – Pinterest. Yes – Pinterest does not help you customize the home screen directly, but it will certainly help you to find all kinds of trends wallpapers, app covers and organizational concepts.Pinterest

The app has had a massive increase in popularity ever since the release of iOS 14, so it should give you a lot of ideas so far. Start searching for iOS 14 homepage ideas to get started.

Start adapting

Install a few apps from the list above (Widgetsmith, Color Widgets and Shortcuts, for example) and you will make some serious adjustments to the home screen on the iPhone. So, do you know of any other apps that can help? Submit a comment below and let us know.