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The best screen recorders for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

There are so many reasons why you may want to record a screen shot of your desktop or even your smartphone or tablet. There are clear business reasons for doing so, not least for adding presentations because of the increased support for video file files in Power Point. Alternatively, you may want to put together a video for educational or educational purposes, which may require you to add images, videos or web pages from multiple sources, and it is easier to capture and record to video.

Alternatively, you might be a consumer looking to put together a video for a YouTube channel, especially if you're considering a career as a YouTuber. Alternatively, you can simply be an online gamer who wants to share your experiences directly with friends or family.

There are many different reasons why you might need to capture the screen, so here we look at the best screen recordings on the market. Some of these are paid, for others are free and others are a hybrid where you are allowed so much recording time before you need to upgrade.

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(Image: © Camtasia)

. Camtasia

Long-Term Professional Software

Packed with Video Editing Features

Thanks to any shooting task with ease

Alternative overload for many users

Camtasia (Windows, macOS) has been in the screen shot game longer than most, and offers more features than most – in addition to capturing what's on the screen with aplomb, this full-featured video editing solution can also add many additions and edits to the top.

Whatever you want to record, from games to PowerPoints, Camtasia can take it all in step – with or without sound, with or without a webcam feed, and so on. Annotations, extra media files, transitions, titles and more can then all be dropped in with the movie.

Despite all the features, the software never feels too complicated, thanks to an intuitive timeline interface. On the downside it is expensive at $ 249 (about £ 180) but you can test it out for 30 days for free. For something cheaper and easier, try SnagIt from the same developer studio.

(Image: © NOTE)

2. NOTE Studio

The leading free screen recorder

Manages multiple audio and video files well

Will not cost you anything to use

Not so easy to pick up from the bottom

People who do not want to Paying for their screen recorder tools tends to flow to OBS Studio (Windows, MacOS), and for good reason: it lets you easily mix different sources and audio tracks together, packing features that you usually need to use heavily to get.

Built with players in mind, live streaming options have a prominent role, but you can just as easily store your recordings on the disc. In addition, you get advanced features like noise reduction (for voiceovers) and the ability to set transitions between your scenes.

All this is overkill if you just want to record a quick clip – and to the complete beginner, OBS Studio may not be the best of the options listed here – but you get a bunch of nice screen recordings and live streaming features free, and it's hard to argue with.

(Picture: © Icecream Screen Recorder)

3. Icecream Screen Recorder

Doing the basics and doing them well

Fast and easy screen recording engine

Zoom and annotation tools included

Thrifty interface is not always intuitive

Not everyone wants the hefty feature seen such as Camtasia or OBS Studio, and Icecream Screen Recorder (Windows, macOS) are a more compact and friendly alternative. Burn it up, click on the recording button, select the part of the screen to be recorded and you are off.

Choosing the recording area and storing your recordings can't really be easier, even though it's not the most accurate tool we've ever come across. The program allows you to draw on your footage, add a webcam feed, zoom in on recording and choose your final video quality.

Upgrade to the Pro version of the software (£ 19.95 / $ 27) and you can break through five-minute time constraints, as well as choose from multiple output formats, convert between formats, add watermarks, and schedule screen captures – features like all can happen.

(Image: © TinyTake)

4. TinyTake

Screen capture made easy

Could not be easier to get started

Easy sharing to other platforms

No advanced tools for selecting source

Still the theme for smaller and easier screen recorders, we present TinyTake (Windows, MacOS). It has all the features you probably need, none of the fluff you don't, and it's especially good at sharing recorded videos and photos with other people.

When it comes to the main capture process even if you have created an account (which is not optional), you can record the screen in a few clicks. Pull out the area you want to record, click the start button, and TinyTake handles effortlessly.

And that's really all there is to it – if you want to add comments or record anything longer than five minutes, you need to upgrade to the paid version of TinyTake ($ 29.95 or around £ 22 per year) . For easy screen capture and easy sharing to places like YouTube, it's ideal.

(Picture: © ScreenFlow)

5. ScreenFlow

One of the best options for Macs

Comes with a full-featured video editor

Combining multiple audio and video sources

Not quite as advanced as any other options

Apple macOS actually comes with some screen recording tools built in – more at a glance – but ScreenFlow (macOS) is a serious upgrade to what Apple's desktop software can do on its own, plus it adds a bunch of handy features and extra video editing tools.

For example, you can crop, pan, and zoom around different parts of the video recording, as well as add comments and exclamations on top of the movie you've taken. It is a full-featured and intuitive video editor, as well as a comprehensive screen capture tool.

As for the actual capture bit, it may not be easier to use: select your video source, select your audio source (s), and away. Recording from your webcam can easily be added to your main video, and the whole process is slim and streamlined throughout. It will set you back $ 129 (about £ 94) but a free trial is available.

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Image caption: Screencastify

(Picture: © Screencastify)

6. Screencastify

Straightforward Chrome extension

Works right inside your browser

Combined display and webcam feeds

Restricted with retrieval options

If you do not want to install additional software on your computer except a browser extension ), Screencastify (Chrome) is one of the best options. To use the non-watermark extension and for more than 10 minutes at a time, a premium upgrade ($ 24 or around £ 17 per year) is required.

Just because the program is an add-on for your browser, does not mean that you are limited to registering browser windows, even if you can do so if you want. Screencastify can also record in full screen mode and supports audio from the system or a microphone.

The extension is also smart enough to post a feed from your webcam, so you have plenty of flexibility, even if you don't get quite a few bells and whistles as you do with other programs. Screens and annotations on the screen are also supported in Screencastify.

(Picture: © AZ Screen Recorder)

7. AZ screen recorder

Comprehensive Android screen recording

Timeout and more support

No noticeable effect on performance

Cannot work at higher res on older devices

AZ screen recorder (Android) is one of the best choices for Google's mobile operating system, with easy-to-use controls, lots of recording options and even a lightweight video editor to trim your recordings before sharing them.

Everything is handled with A small pop-up window that disappears when you start recording. You have the ability to illustrate screenshots and also include audio recordings for microphones, depending on what you need from the Android screen shot.

Divide into the settings and you can adjust the video recording resolution, frame rate and direction, and even add a timelapse effect if needed. It has just about anything you could want from a screen recorder tool on an Android device.

Image Credit: SpeedUp Dev Group

(Image: © DU Recorder)

8. DU Recorder

More Video Recording Options

Ability to Enter Live Camera Recording

Doesn't Visualize Touch Screen

Based on the statistics in the Google Play Store, DU Recorder (Android) is even more popular than AZ Screen Recorder When it comes to Android devices. As a competitor, you get steady and steady screen recording, and there is no need for phone creation or reconfiguration.

A small pop-up dialog allows you to start and stop recording, and then capture everything from games to browsing. More video quality and frame rate settings are available, and you can even post a "face camera" via the phone's front camera.

Simple video editing tools and easy sharing options are also included in DU Recorder, so it's really a versatile package for recording screen activity on Android. Also, you get everything for free, without any purchase in the app and no restrictions on what you can do.

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