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The best toothbrush for the dog's dirty teeth – Review Geek

Does your dog's breath close like a public bath? It may be time to lie down and invest in some toothbrushes.

Oral hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. While dogs do not eat nearly as much processed sugar and coffee as we do, they can still develop gum disease, plaque buildup and tooth decay. The dog's breath may be more than a gross inconvenience ̵

1; it can be a sign of a dirty, unhealthy mouth.

Fortunately, it is not that difficult to brush the dog's teeth. You just need a good dog-friendly toothpaste, a good toothbrush and a hint of confidence. But each dog has different needs (and fears), so you can't just push the first toothbrush that you come across in the dog's smelly mouth. You will consider the dog's current oral health (unhealthy gums may become sensitive), and how obedient your dog is when a food does not end in your mouth.

Lucky for you, we have taken the time to find the best doggy toothbrushes, for every mouth to mouth.

Pet Republique 6 Handled Toothbrushes ($ 8)

Nothing beats the traditional toothbrush. It's cheap, easy to use, and very efficient. If your dog is fond of practicing oral hygiene, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, you can stick with the tried and true.

Pet Republique sells a set of 6 dogs toothbrushes for just $ 8. These toothbrushes are double-sided, with a large brush at one end and a smaller brush on the other. They are good for reaching far back in the dog's mouth, and they should last for a few months.

FOMATE Gentle Silicone Brush Kit ($ 10)

Any type of gum disease or tooth decay can cause oral sensitivity, making it even more difficult to brush the dog's teeth. If you are trying to be careful with the dog's mouth, try the FOMATE toothbrush set. These brushes have a double-sided silicone tip, which can help to make the teeth much more careful and quick.

FOMATE sells its mild silicone brushes in 4 packs, so a single purchase should last a few months. This set is not as cheap as a traditional brush set, but it can make doggy dental hygiene much less painful.

Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy ($ 22)

Some dogs do not like to light their teeth. That's understandable. Dental hygiene is important, but not all dogs receive the education they need.

If your dog acts like a big baby every time you try to brush your teeth, you need to be durable. You have to exploit the dog's weaknesses and trick it into brushing its own teeth. Fortunately, Wisedom can do a lot of work for you. Wisedom toothbrush rope toy is basically a large silicone toothbrush that looks like a chew toy. Put some dog toothpaste between the brushes and your dog will brush their teeth for hours without any fuss. It's a nice little product, and it makes the job much easier.

H & H Pets Finger Toothbrush 8 Pack ($ 8)

Some dogs do not like to have brushes in their mouths, and some small dogs may not be large enough to handle a large toothbrush. Plus, dogs can have sensitive teeth, especially if they have missed some years of brushing. Traditional brush brushes can damage a dog with a sensitive mouth, and they can ruin your chances of eliminating the dog's breath from your life.

H & H Pets sells a large set of eight rubber brushes for just $ 8. These brushes are gentle on the dog's teeth, and they should be less scary than a handled brush. In addition, H & H Pets & # 39; finger brushes have curved brushes that cover much more surface than flat brushes. Your dog should have clean teeth in no time!

Just make sure your dog doesn't bite your finger. This product is probably best for smaller dogs, or for mild dogs that have a good sense of bite test. Even the sweetest puppy on the planet can bite if it gets anxious enough.

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