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The best Wi-Fi cameras with face recognition – Review Geek

  Nest IQ Indoor Camera on a Table

If you just need a simple Wi-Fi camera that can record video, then there are many options available. But if you want one that has face recognition, the list becomes much shorter. The good news is that there are still some good opportunities to choose from.

Face Detection Face Detection

Before going over any options, it's important to know the difference between face recognition and face recognition because you & # 39; I see both of these terms used in the description of Wi-Fi cameras as you look at the features. They may seem the same, but one is far superior.

Face Detection is when cameras can separate a person from another object. So while cameras can still detect motions for cars, animals, trees and more, they can also specifically detect a person who can be extremely valuable to the home.

Face recognition takes this a step further and not only detects a person, but can also detect who that person is, in particular. So with a little help from the user and after a few weeks of learning, the camera can finally know who came to your door, whether it was a postal worker or a neighbor.

With that said, if this is a kind

Nest Cam IQ ($ 299)

  Nest IQ camera

Perhaps the best all-round option for a Wi-Fi camera with face recognition is Nest Cam IQ. It detects specific people and even doubles as a Google Home variety.

The camera itself can record 1080p HDR video and has a 130 degree field of view. It also has night vision and features a speaker and microphones built in for two-way talk. The same speaker and microphone arrangement is also used with Google Assistant, so the camera has a built-in Google Home Mini.

When it comes to face recognition, you need to pay for Nest Aware, which is a $ 5 / month subscription service. This will give you the face recognition feature that allows you to detect specific people. Nest Aware will also give you 24/7 continuous recording and up to 30 days of video storage.

Netatmo Welcome ($ 199)

  Netatmo Smart Camera

A slightly cheaper alternative is Netatmo Welcome, which comes with a smaller sensor than Nest Cam IQ, but can still make 1080p video and face recognition .

The best thing is that the face detection feature does not require a paid subscription, so you get it for free on this camera. You also get free video storage in the form of a memory card slot that you can insert a microSD card into. You can also connect to a Dropbox account or FTP server for cloud storage.

And finally, the camera can keep you safe by detecting smoke alarm sirens. If they go off the camera, you send an app alert.

Budget Options: Tend Insights Lynx 2 ($ 59)

If you're looking for the cheapest possible Wi-Fi camera that has face recognition, the Insights Lynx 2 camera from Tend is probably the best Only $ 60.

Not only that, but you get free video storage in the cloud for up to seven days. The camera can also record in full 1080p video and comes with two-way voice capabilities, as well as night vision.

The free face recognition is the true feature here if that is what you are looking for. So you don't just want to know that the camera discovered a person, but you know exactly who it was – a pretty impressive feature to wear such a low cost camera.

So what is the catch? This thing is the 1 / 5th cost of the Nest IQ camera, after all. Well, of course, the video quality is not as good (1080p as possible, you don't get the same hardware), you don't get Nest's smooth software, and the face recognition is not completely in line. However, the real deal switch for many people will be very strange in the Lynx software: The firmware program will not accept Wi-Fi passwords with special characters (for example, it is fine with "ReviewGeek2019" but not "ReviewGeek20"! 9 "). There is a very bizarre choice that we cannot even think of a reason for. But if you're not using special characters in your Wi-Fi password or you're willing to go through the hassle of changing your password on all your devices to store on Wi-Fi cameras, it's the cheapest camera on the face recognition market.

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