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The build list is empty in the selection for a new release in App Store Connect: iOSProgramming


I’ve been in contact with Apple developer support, but they can not help me so far, and a good Google search means that I am nowhere near a solution (I find the same problem as long as 6 years ago).

I’m also not quite sure if this is the right Subreddit to ask this question, but here goes;

Ever since Apple pushed its new setup for the iTunesConnect / Developer portal, I have not been able to select a build to attach a release I want to submit for review. The route shows:

" Upload your builds using one of several tools. See Upload Tools "

This is basically the default text when no builds are available; if we check the developer tools in chrome, you can see the API call to retrieve builds gives an HTTP 500 error: (I edited my appId)



	"errors": [{
		"status": "500",
		"title": "An unexpected error occurred.",
		"detail": "An unexpected error occurred on the server side. If this issue continues, contact us at https://developer.apple.com/contact/."

I’ve been in touch with Apple Support; but it seems that they are willing to give me the default responses, make a video of the problem, etc. Thought I would try my luck here, as the problem becomes more urgent from “above”.

Maybe someone has some idea where I can start trying to solve this problem on my part?


Forgot to mention that we have several apps, but only one of them is experiencing this behavior. The other apps work well without any problems in the App Store Connect backend. Also; the builds are uploaded correctly and are available in Testflight.

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