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The classic Apple EarPods are only $ 10 today

Don’t miss the chance to get an original Apple wired audio accessory for just a third of the original price!

At a time when wireless is considered the norm, it is still a matter of having a wired setup. The classic Apple Earpods are down as much as $ 10.50 today, down 65% off the original price of $ 30 on Amazon.

Apple EarPods

However, EarPods are not just any wired earphone. It was ahead of its time with an ergonomic design. Inside the small speakers are designed to minimize sound loss and at the same time provide optimal sound output.

The 3.5mm audio jack option has a built-in remote control so you can use it for video and internet calls. A simple push of a button can end or answer calls, control music playback and adjust the volume as needed.

It is always good to have a spare pair or to replace what you had before. For only $ 1

0, this deal is too good to pass up!

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