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The dog days for apple summer are here

The new Apple card is slowly rolling out to a few select fans who were preselected. Unfortunately I was not among them, but full rollout would be coming in a few weeks. And this is just the tip of the Apple iceberg. Apple also rolled out Beta 6 of iOS 1

3, iPadOS 13 and watchOS 6 today. However, we are at the point when beta releases show up at random intervals and important new features are replaced by bug fixes. I upgraded iPhone and Watch when I got home from work, but for now there is nothing exciting to report.

It comes far more from Apple. Kind of soon, but not soon enough. The new iPhone is just over a month away from being announced, since September 10 looks like the most logical date based on the previous event date. With all the new features already revealed, leakers have now moved on to the iPhones 2020 and 2021, so they want something to talk about.

Apple Arcade and TV + are coming this fall, but I think we already know that we need what we're going to get except prices. New iPad's are too far out, so only one potential rumor has emerged, and it's a spring break. See rumors don't usually show up until just before release, and this year has been even quieter than usual. With few new hardware features likely, it's not a lot of buzz, at least not yet. Given how difficult it is for Apple to keep supply chain secrets, we probably want to know by now if something groundbreaking is to come.

So unless another Siri scandal comes out of the woodwork, it's about the next two to three weeks. Get ready for many articles about the Apple Card and Apple's current R&D spending. Yep, we've officially reached this summer's dog days, which also means a brief death season for Apple News.

Don & # 39; s Get Me Wrong. I'm not closing the store, because there's still a lot to talk about without covering fresh rumors. Just fair warning that you will see a thousand variants of the same article for the iPhone announcement is upon us. Maybe it's a good time to soak up a few dog days of sunshine before the fall arrives.

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