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The editorial board for Bloomberg: Apple’s App Store is not evil

Apple’s App Store is not evil, says the headline of a Bloomberg News Editorial, while Apple goes to court with Epic Games, “it’s worth remembering what’s really at stake,” writes Bloomberg News’ editorial committee.

Apple App Store on Apple devices
Apple’s App Store

Bloomberg News Editorial Board:

Epic does not like Apple taking a 30% cut in in-app sales on its devices. To avoid the fee, and in violation of the store’s rules, Epic introduced a payment system that allows users to purchase items directly from it. Apple and Google (which have a similar scheme) both snatched “Fortnite” from mobile stores in response. A lawsuit followed.

This whole chain of events was something of a stunt. Epic immediately unveiled a pre-packaged PR crusade, including a video parody and hashtag campaign. An ongoing advertising pressure paints the dispute as a David-and-Goliath battle on behalf of poor appmakers, who in this story are forced to pay Apple’s penalty fee. On Thursday, a group of like-minded companies announced that they had formed an alliance to protest the rules.

This frame has things backwards. The App Store has actually been very useful for consumers, stimulated competition and – not least – offered huge benefits to smaller companies …

The consumer benefits are simple. Thanks to the standards imposed by Apple, iPhone users know that no matter which apps they choose, they will not be loaded with spyware, viruses or battery-powered surpluses. Buyers have a safe and seamless way to pay, and need no technical ability to install their purchases …

It is true that 30% sounds like a hefty fee. But it is completely in line with what other platforms and marketplaces cost to distribute digital content to users. Fees for software sales in brick stores often exceeded 60% before the iPhone came along. And the vast majority of developers pay nothing – only those who acquire customers or deliver goods and services through the app are subject to the fee.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously.

As we wrote earlier today: โ€œSpotify, Epic Games, Match and the other whiners will have all the benefits they give Apple’s App Store for free. How much did it cost developers to get their applications burned to CDs, boxed, shipped and displayed on store shelves before Apple renders the world for the better for the fifth time? “

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