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The exercise does not calculate correctly: AppleWatch

Normally, I don't remember starting a workout to get the training ring closed, so I'm not so familiar with it, but I don't think it works properly. Yesterday I was chapeoning a hike on the Main Event, so the majority of the time I walked around, supervised the students. Even though I started at 9 am, I didn't think of putting it in training mode for an indoor ride at noon. 09.43 and stopped at 10:52 am when I sat down for lunch. It shows in the activity app that they start and end times (over an hour), but for exercise time, it only shows 0:26:40.

I do not remember to start another training again until later, so the next is from kl. 11:45 to 1:00 (when we made the kids for the buses). This time it shows the right training period of 1


From the figures that the workouts show up, my training time must have been 1 hour and 40 minutes, and if you count the actual time from the first workout, it should have been 2 hours and 24 minutes.

Yet during the training ring I only show that I had 44 minutes of training out of my goal in 30 minutes (with a total active time of 17 hours 59 minutes). Wtf happens? Is my watch boosted? My training ring is almost never more than a few minutes per day added, even though I'm on my feet and moving most of the day, and sometimes there is more powerful physical activity when I'm on PE with my class (I am a Special Education Paraprofessional, and I have to help some of the students a little, so I get a good training myself). Someone told me here that I really need to start a workout to get training minutes (and I've done it, but they're still not counting properly.

On a side sign, I don't calculate my distance traveled that day either. At an average school Today, my activity app puts me on just over 4 miles went, with 7,000 steps on average. Yesterday, I know for a fact that I walked far more steps than that, and much further the distance (the place we went to is about a quarter miles long inside the perimeter where the kids were, and I walked it going up and down the hallway of games many times, which by a rough calculation should have been somewhere around 9 to 10 miles from the trip alone, but my activity app sets my distance traveled at 5.25 miles, only 1 and 1/4 mile more than I go on an average school day, as I know, is not near the right.

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