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The Fed seizes a shipment of OnePlus Buds and announces that they are counterfeit Apple AirPods – BGR

  • The US Customs and Border Protection Agency announced on Friday that it has seized a large shipment of fake Apple AirPods at JFK International Airport, apparently on its way from Hong Kong to Nevada.
  • The agency tweeted some photos from the seizure on Sunday. The tweet read in part: “It’s not one (apple emoji).”
  • The problem: Twitter users noticed in the photos, as you can see below, that the boxes appear to contain legitimate OnePlus earbuds. A CBP press release announcing the bust did not mention OnePlus, which confused people even further.

Federal agents made a big bust of fake Apple AirPods back on August 31

, an attack they were apparently quite proud of because the agency involved (US customers and border guards) also tweeted news about the bust on Sunday. In all, CBP officers claimed to have seized 2,000 counterfeit AirPods at an air freight facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

AirPods were apparently on their way to Nevada from Hong Kong, and the feds suggested that if the earplugs had been genuine, they would have had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price that made the entire stash worth $ 398,000. The only problem – the gadgets do seems to have been genuine, as a number of comments during CBP’s tweet noted, given the fairly visible OnePlus logo on the image of the product box that the feeders included in their tweet. Apparently, copying Apple’s design really has some drawbacks.

Here is a picture of the tweet, in case the error is detected and these turn out to be actual, legitimate OnePlus Buds, as they appear to be in the pictures:

Apple AirPodsImage source: Twitter

And here is a selection of some of the funny answers to that tweet from CBP:

CBP issued a press release on Friday announcing the seizure. It includes the following comment from Troy Miller, director of CBP’s field operations in New York: “CBP officers protect the American public from various dangers on a daily basis. The eavesdropping on these fake earplugs is a direct reflection of the vigilance and commitment to mission success of our CBP officers on a daily basis. “

The fact that agents very clearly included the official look of the OnePlus box and the logo in the photos that announced the bust, is the head scraper here. It’s not like anyone tried to give away these earplugs like Apple AirPods, because the packaging marks them as a completely different rival product. And it does not appear to be a case of hiding legitimate Apple AirPods inside the box, because the CBP announcement describes this product as “fake” AirPods, which led to the conclusion that the agents may not understand what they were looking at. .

And also that maybe OnePlus Buds looks too much like AirPods, but that’s a whole other story.

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