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The first iPad Air 4 references were revealed online while Apple aims to test A14-powered Apple TV

Apple’s recent announcement introduced the new iPad Air 4 to the world, but the Cupertino-based smartphone maker could not meet the demand and supply targets to ship the product right away. Now comes the news that the iPad Air 4 would be available in October, as we already have the reference values ​​revealed online right at the beginning of the month.

Apple’s new iPad Air 4 will be their first device that is also equipped with the latest A14 chip.

Depending on the numbers shown in the reference values, it is quite clear that the chip will take the momentum to a whole new level. The Geekbench numbers from 1583 for a single core and 4198 for the multi-cores compare quite favorably with older iPad Air models that contained the previously available A1

2 processor chip. In fact, almost 50% performance improvement can be expected with the introduction of this new A14 chip.

With these numbers now available, we can largely have an idea of ​​what we can expect from the future iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models when they arrive later in the month. They are also believed to have the new A14 processors.

With the latest processor chip, the upcoming iPhones will be the fastest available to date, although you may be disappointed if you expect a massive speed jump. To be honest, it all depends on how the smartphone maker actually uses the extra power that comes with it.

What is even more interesting is the leak that came from Fudge, the Twitter leaker, and claimed that Apple is currently working on its new Apple TV, which will also contain an A14 chip or something similar.

They go on to say that it’s all because of Apple Arcade, as Apple continues to throw money at the gaming subscription service in an effort to improve it. Apparently, this will mean far more meaty games for users that require much faster processors to run seamlessly.

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