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The first Wolfwalkers trailer is magical, scary and exciting at the same time

The first trailer for the upcoming Apple TV + feature “Wolfwalkers” is now available for us on YouTube, and it’s quite the time.

Based on an Irish legend and set in 17th-century Ireland, the feature includes all the folklore, magic and excitement you would expect – all wrapped in a hand-drawn art style that will capture your imagination.

In a time of superstition and magic, a young apprentice hunter, Robyn Goodfellowe, travels to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack of wolves. While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, Robyn befriends an outdoor girl, Mebh, a member of a mysterious tribe who is rumored to have the opportunity to turn into a wolf at night. As they search for Mebh̵

7;s missing mother, Robyn discovers a secret that draws her further into the enchanted world of WOLFWALKERS and risks becoming what her father has the task of destroying.

“Wolfwalkers” will land on Apple TV + December 11, just in time to settle down in a nice, cozy room with the family. I have a feeling that this is best seen with a cup of hot chocolate and the fire burning.

Viewers need an Apple TV + subscription to enjoy “Wolfwalkers”. Priced at $ 4.99 per month, and when new content is added all the time, it may be the best money you spend this month.

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