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The Indian government is considering opening an App Store that could potentially compete with Apple’s App Store

After years and years of working with Apple to help India become an alternative production base to China, and Apple convincing the supply chain to start opening Indian plants, the Indian government is now considering thanking Apple by opening a government-run App Store as can technically compete with Apple’s App Store. It’s low ball, third world politics at its best.

A new report from Delhi today notes that “The central government is considering requests from technology contractors to start an Indian digital application store.

India already has an app store for control-centric apps, which can be scaled up to begin with, said one of the officials quoted above. In addition, there is a need to introduce guidelines that require handset manufacturers to preload alternative app stores.

The Indian government “is not reluctant to the idea”

; of launching its own app store, officials said. The existing digital public app store, developed by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), hosts a number of applications such as the Umang e-governance app, the Aarogya Setu health app and the DigiLocker storage app.

A government official added that “Building an app store is like building a mall, and the government can easily facilitate that.” ”

Global experts are of the opinion that India is well positioned to break the dominance of global technology giants in its digital app ecosystem.

Public officials recently stated that the problem comes from the fact that Google’s Android operating system has a ‘98% market share ‘ in the smartphone segment in India, while it is much lower in other countries, including the United States.

Another government official stated that ‘the monopoly problem is very acute’ and added that Google receives user and usage data about other apps listed in the Play Store, and also competes with them through its own offers. For more on this, read India’s Economic Times reports.

2 Apple App Store in India

The timing of this news is a bit disturbing considering that Apple just opened its official App Store in India on September 23rd.

Although at the moment it is the government’s potential plans for an App Store, more of a potential threat to Google’s dominance in India’s App Store space.

For Apple, the short-term problem in India will probably be having to preload native Indian-based apps on future iPhones, which are quickly taking the standard position taken by government agencies such as the EU and Russia.

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