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The latest AirPods Pro firmware seems to add support for spatial sound and automatic switching

While the iPhone 12 series is delayed until October (at least), iOS 14 is still coming – hopefully before October. Which means Apple is still fine-tuning the software before its official launch.

While Apple is still adapting the formula for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple today also launched a new firmware version for its truly wireless headphones. Both the second generation AirPods and AirPods Pro were updated to version 3A283, and now we know what is included. Thanks to reports on Twitter and other sites, it seems that both Spatial Audio and automatic switching are supported in AirPods Pro.

For example, per a MacRumors forum posts:

Just tried out spatial sound on my iPad. Very cool! The illusion of sound coming from ‌iPad‌ is so compelling that I actually first thought the sound came from ‌iPad‌ speakers. Had to take an AirPod out of my ear to confirm that I really heard it from ‌AirPods‌ myself. I really want to learn more about the dark magic Apple uses to create this illusion!

The feature seems to work with Apple TV + content. So if you are trying iOS 14 and / or iPadOS 14, and have AirPods Pro updated to the latest firmware, you can try these features now.

What is spatial sound and automatic switching?

Spatial Audio is one of the best new features for AirPods Pro. With that, Apple says they are bringing “cinema-like sound” to the truly wireless headphones. The feature relies on dynamic head tracking to provide an immersive audio experience while turned on. The subtle frequency adjustments and directional sound filters work together to bring the experience to life.

In the meantime, automatic switching is pretty straightforward, but it should work like magic. With it, you can seamlessly switch between your Apple devices without having to manually manage it. So if you finish a phone call on your iPhone, start something to watch on your iPad, AirPods Pro will automatically switch the audio output to match.

These are some great new features, and for people trying out developer or public beta, it might be worth checking out.

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