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The most mini-day of my life

Do you remember the amazing TV show called 24? The test on the show was to follow Jack Bauer, a counter terrorist agent, over a real-time security period. It was intense and exciting and incredible. The plot line would be so sensational that it certainly lived up to the "fiction" genre. The show started with "I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life."

Well, I do not want to be quite dramatic, but "I'm Mac mini avicionado and MacStadium VP Brian Stucki, and today my life is my mini day."

Let me share with you about the 24 hours in Brooklyn and some of the things that led to that day. I also have some thoughts about the new Mac mini. (Much more will happen when our large order is delivered. Be sure to follow us on @MacStadium and me at @ brianstucki .)

6 PM Monday

Greg (MacStadium CEO) and I sat for an Italian dinner at Cecconi's Dumbo. Dinner and dessert were very good, but the most impressive was the view. I snapped this image (#shotoniPhoneXS) through the window and it looks like a classic New York painting.

  Italian dinner image

When we left for dinner, I heard a familiar voice. Eddy Cue and a number of other Apple executives were in the lobby. Tim Cook just came in addition. It was interesting to observe their general excitement for being in Brooklyn, and it felt safe as if they were eager for all the things they would introduce. I saw a lot of people on Twitter review the same as the incident occurred: Tim Cook had some real excitement about these products that may have been missing in some recent keynotes.


I took the ferry back to the Lower East Side. Like any west coaster, I did not even think about bringing a jacket. Newsflash: The view from the water is great, but it's cold. Also shoutout to Apple Maps who suggested that route as the public transport option. It was much faster than getting to the subway.

9AM Tuesday


Apple requests that everyone check in and receive their marks about an hour before the show should begin. It was nice to see so many friends there and say hi. They took us into the hall and everyone hit us in. The Apple logo animations on the screen were fun to watch.


My Twitter was already quite active when Mac mini was introduced. I'm pretty sure no one has seen the mini as tight as I've been in the past 14 years, and many people checked in to make sure I was doing well. But it was getting better.

  MacStadium at Apple Event

Here's the moment where I did not have to keep secrets anymore. After a few weeks back and forth with a number of Apple teams, Tom Boger (my new favorite Apple friend) highlighted MacStadium as part of the introduction of the new Mac mini.

I want to be short of not being the one who draws the curtain on Apple keynotes, but I say one thing:

The Apple team acts as a well-maintained locomotive. In a couple of weeks I worked with the PR department, a photography team, a newsroom author, the Mac marketing team and the keynote production staff. All the teams were obviously very skilled in their roles and they put together the puzzles. I could not have been more impressed and I learned a ton.


I had no idea what was spoken about in the last hour of the main theme. I had so many people reach out and so many questions from customers and friends. Worth it. We also had our MacStadium page updated and ready to start making reservations for the new Mac mini.


My friends on MacRumors tweeted a photo that made me smile.

They were not far away in that review, although I let them know we needed about 1,495 more machines to get started . A few minutes later, I also broke a picture with my new little friends.

  Brian and minis


It was nice to be in the practical area and meet some really talented people. Apple really knows how to put the right people in the floor to get connections and answer questions. In a short time I had so many names on Apple people who want to hear what we do on MacStadium and also had a lot of nice things to say about us. Even Phil Schiller went among the crowd and had very nice things to say about how to put Macs at work.

  Apple Event


I was on a plane on my way back to Las Vegas. After a whirlwind morning, I finally had a chance to think. (THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN THE JACK BAUER) Flywifi is so slow and unreliable that I could disconnect and think of the actual Mac mini and the way Apple has presented it.

  Flight Window

It is clear that the Mac mini continues to be a perfect machine for creative use. All Macs are good for creative use, but the Mac mini allows creativity by using it and with the hardware itself. On stage, Tom talked about using it in many places. In Apple's Apple Newsroom interview story with Apple, Apple mentioned it as "The Secret World of Mac Mini." I'm so happy this continues to be the marketing method.

In my many years of preaching the Mac mini, I've had so many people reach out to me who declare the ways they use the machine. It monitors beauty stores all over the country, it lives in every bank of slot machines you watch as you cross the casino, and of course it's in data centers and building cabinets all over the world.

It feels like Apple really reacted to these uses and said, "Here's the way you like it and with all the things you've been asking for in recent years. More ports, more kernels, more RAM, more storage, desktop parts and a sassy spacecraft. "I'm so glad they struggled to go less and instead packed the machine with all the modern power.

Computerworld wrote an article about the event. They mentioned MacStadium directly and then Apple's intended message (my comments in brackets):

"The company could not have made it clearer that it's possible to use its secure platforms as servers and it's a potential industry in delivering Mac based server services. (Not potential, actually. Hi.) This also means that businesses that want to deploy their own servers can look at these Macs. (Yes, and we can do it for you quickly and safely.) "

  Light vs Dark

On the Apple website, they tend to use white backgrounds for their consumer Mac products and black backgrounds for their professional Mac products. When the wifi plane finally gave me enough bandwidth to load the Mac mini page, then I was so happy to see it dark. This really shows me where Apple has thought that this Mac mini is going to live.

6 PM

Finally, make it back to Las Vegas. It's good to be home, although I wish I would have returned with a review unit of the new Mac mini. The good news is that we have already ordered more of them in different variations, and we will make sure to post everything about what we find. (And more specifically, how do we put the machines to work for all our customers.)

To talk more about MacStadium or schedule an interview on how to use the Mac mini, we'd love to talk to you.

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