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The next Apple Watch once again rumored to bring blood oxygen detection to the wrist

A new rumor about the supply chain claims that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 comes with oxygen monitoring properties in the blood, a potentially game-changing feature.

The rumor was published Friday by the Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes.

The PpApple Watch‌ 6 has biosensors that can monitor sleeping conditions, detect oxygen in the blood and measure heart rate, heart rate and atrial fibrillation, and will also incorporate MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope, allowing the new device to continue to perform in measuring precision among laptops. units, the sources said.

According to the report, this feature (also known as SpO2 monitoring) should alert an Apple Watch user when blood oxygen has dropped below 95 to 100 percent saturation. A large drop in one’s oxygen saturation in the blood can be caused by something as simple as an exercise, but it may as well point to a more serious health condition, such as diabetes.

More importantly, this feature is unlikely to reach current Apple Watch models via a firmware update because monitoring oxygen in the blood requires dedicated sensor hardware. On the other hand, repair experts at iFixit back in 2015 suggested that the heart rate sensor inside the Apple Watch may actually contain dedicated hardware to detect oxygen saturation in the blood.

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“Apple’s heart rate monitor is actually a plethysmograph – it looks and works like a pulse oximeter, but Apple does not claim that it can measure the level of oxygen in the blood,” noted iFixit.

In 2017, a CNBC report claimed that Apple was secretly developing non-invasive sensors to monitor blood sugar levels. And earlier this year, code snippets discovered in the watchOS 7 update suggested that the celebrities could finally be launched with the upcoming Series 6 update.


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