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The notch can finally start to slim down on the iPhone 13

The chin size of the iPhone 13 can be assumed to shrink a bit.

The iPhone 13 notch may be shorter than the current version.
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The notch in next year̵

7;s iPhone 13 is supposed to be slimmed down a bit. It will be just as wide, but not as high, according to a tipster with a history of inside information about upcoming devices.

While most iPhone users seem to have been reconciled with the hack since it debuted in the iPhone X back in 2017, will have to complain when Apple can finally get rid of it. ->

A first step in that direction is supposed to take place in the next major upgrade, not the model expected later this month, according to a tip from Ice Universe. They said via Twitter that “iPhone13 still continues the notch design, but the notch is shorter.”

Ice Universe is not one of the most famous Apple tipsters, as they concentrate most on Android devices.

iPhone 13 notch is still needed

Apple did not leave a screenshot in the phones on a whim. It contains the forward-facing camera, and also scanners used by Face ID face detection. It limits Apple’s ability to shrink or remove the notch. Wednesday’s unconfirmed report on a shorter notch gives no hint of how Apple can reduce the size.

And while it may slim down on the iPhone 13, it apparently won’t happen until then. According to a leaked picture of the screen hardware on the iPhone 12, the screen cutout in Apple’s upcoming handset is the same size as its predecessor. But there may be an exception. The notch in the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini may need to be reduced to fit in the smaller screen.

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