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The only Node Beacon 3 router from Nokia is now only $ 98

Nokia has managed to create a powerful Wi-Fi mesh system unlike the generic ones in the market. If you are on the fence about investing in a wifi network to cover all the dead spots in your home, now is the best time to run for it.

Today, the Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 3 Router single node is down to just $ 98 from the regular price of $ 127.50 on Amazon. Just cut out the coupon on the page, and you will see the discount at checkout.

Beacon 3 provides fast and secure coverage via intelligent mesh system. Device data redirection in network issues can be completed in as little as 500 ms. Adding more Beacons can be done to cover as much area as possible without sacrificing internet speed.


7;s mesh system can be controlled via the mobile app and can, among other things, control TVs, speakers, computers and mobile devices. Installation is a matter of connecting the device and following the app instructions.

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