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The production of ‘AirPods Studio’ reportedly hits, ‘AirTags’ may debut in November

Apple’s rumored “AirPods Studio” phones have reportedly been delayed in production and will not be ready to ship until December, while the many rumors “AirTags” may see the release in November.

The new information comes from the productive leak Jon Prosser, who tweeted updates for both products on Wednesday. Both Apple tracking brands and rumored over-earphones were previously expected to see a release at the company’s October 13 event.

According to the leaker, however, “AirPods Studio” has experienced a major hiccup in production, and Apple has cut a few key features. Whether functionality returns in software is unclear, although it is very unlikely that Apple will remove hardware features so late in the game. The leaker added that the company still needs to prepare some details before final devices can begin shipping.

As far as a release date, Prosser said that if all goes well, Apple could unveil “AirPods Studio” in November before shipping in December. That would be the best case, and the leaker added that it is just as likely that the rumored earphones may be delayed until next spring.

“AirTags”, on the other hand, are reportedly made and ready for release. Prosser said they plan to debut with iOS 14.3, which will include software features that enable Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband tracking codes.

Apple is currently on its iOS 14.2 beta test cycle, with a golden champion for the temporary iOS 14.1 released to developers on Tuesday. Prosser said that iOS 14.3 would fall in November, which indicates that the software is being tested internally.

Prosser has a hit-or-miss record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple’s future plans, but the leak has previously set accurate forecasts.

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