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The Safe Black Friday Online Shopping Keys – Blog

The store displays have started to shine like never before; Online banner ads have started to follow you like never before. It can only mean one thing – it's time to get Black Friday shopping! Before you dive in, add these tips to your shopping cart to protect your money and thoughts during your vacation.

General Safe Shopping Tips

These tips are related to the most popular security questions for online shopping. We should all remember them when we shop online, not just on Black Friday.

Beware of fake online stores

The network is full of fraudsters luring customers with great deals difficult to ignore. Black Friday is your lucky day. It's the one time of the year when an iPhone XS with 50% off is not looking suspicious. To avoid falling into this trap, follow these rules:

  • Please pay attention to the site name. False online stores are often called and given the appearance of legitimate with minor changes. For example, the popular retailer Marks and Spencer is written as https: // marksand specer . Com / instead of https: //www.marksand spencer . Similarly, additional words may be added to the URL, such as "agreements" or "sales", for example. michaelkors deals .com.

  • Check the website for clear contact information. See the website of GoDaddy's WHOIS tool to see the email address and phone number associated with your account, site creation date, and "placement."

  • Verify the site's security rating with Google's transparency report. Copy the suspicious URL of the transparency report to see the site's security rating according to Google.

Buying Only on Secure Websites

Due to Google's and other search engine's strict guidelines, it's hard to find unencrypted sites today. A secure protocol in the URL indicates that the information you share (name, address, credit card) is encrypted so that anyone who monitors traffic can not see it (and can not steal it). To make sure everything is ok, just pay attention to the address line on the website, especially under the checkout.

  • Look for a lock icon or "https" in the address bar on websites.

  • Do not use public WiFi for online shopping. It allows thieves to capture your data on any site.

Do not click on aggressive ads

It's hard to translate the big red banner ad that promises a free MacBook Air. However, most of these ads are not legitimate. When you click on it, you will be asked to fill in your personal information to participate in giveaway, which can then be stolen by malicious users for their sole purpose. Alternatively, this click may lead to a hidden malware installation that will affect your computer's resources and privacy. To be safe, follow these rules:

  • Use an ad block or cleaning software with additional privacy features like MacKeeper. If you encounter adware, this software helps to block redirects to malware,

  • Do not provide your personal information to unknown sites.

Use smart forms for online payment

Credit card giving You have more protection than other types of payments even after you have been cheated. With a credit card you have 60 days to report fraudulent activity and dispute the fee. Here are the alternative ways to protect your bank balance:

  • Use virtual credit cards for online shopping. They replace your actual card details to prevent financial fraud or identity theft.

  • Get an additional card for online payments. Transfer only the required amount of money to it as needed.

Amazon shopping tips

Since Amazon has become the global platform for thousands of third-party sellers, it's scams that rise. These tips will help you save money, privacy and merry holiday while shopping.

Double Check Who You Buy From
Of course, most third party sellers are not fraudsters. However, their service levels may vary significantly. For example, if you purchased a broken item from Amazon, you usually get a replacement order the next day. If it comes from a third party seller, you will get your money back in two to three business days. If you only want to buy from Amazon, follow these steps:

  • Limit search results. Perform the search, then scroll down the left sidebar to the "Seller" section and select "Amazon.com."

  • Please note the phrase "Ship from and sold by [seller]" in the description. If you see this, it means that Amazon does not even touch your package; third party seller sends it directly to you.

Do not agree to make an appointment from Amazon

You can find this exact tip yourself in the official Amazon rules. Typical fraud looks like this: a seller connects to the user via email, creates a feeling of urgency, and requests payment by gift card. Scammers then demand the claim code on the gift card and disappear.

  • Asking to send the seller to email is a red flag. Try to communicate only via Amazon.

  • Note that when you move your business with the seller outside the platform, Amazon can not protect you from being tricked.

Do not make your wishlist public

Do you know that you can easily find someone's Amazon Wish List with e-mail or name here? It can be a great way to talk to your friend's birthday wishes without asking and killing the speculation from the start.

In some cases, Amazon may even give you the delivery address of someone who has set up their wish list. It's a big surprise but destroys privacy. If you're not good at this, stick to the rules:

eBay Shopping Tips

eBay attracts us with offers and discounts everyday. In this rush, we risk losing something more important than the possibility of a good deal – our privacy.

Read the full product description

When you bid, you agree to purchase the item based on what is stated in the listing. Sometimes it is clear that you buy an empty box. Of course, this truth is covered by a lot of marketing buzz. Trying to get the best deal can you miss this information and end up with an unexpected purchase. To avoid such types of fraud or error, follow these steps:

  • Not urgent to buy goods on an open marketplace. Review an entry before committing.

  • Verify that the item description contains all necessary information, including condition, color, size, and destination, country of production, error, damage or problems, payment options, return policy, and details.

  • If any information is missing, click the "Contact seller" button and ask .

Always communicate through eBay messaging system

In case of a problem, eBay's first and Amazon) support will do is check the entire communication history between seller and buyer. No one can remove or change their words in this correspondence. It makes it easy to understand who's wrong. Therefore, it's important to:

Enjoy your Secure Black Friday Shopping! What tips or tricks do you use to shop safely online?

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