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The search engine for Apple users: DuckDuckGo – MacDailyNews

Jesse Hollington for iDropNews:

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has long been a favorite choice of those who prefer to remain anonymous and now offers even more incentive for Apple users to switch over with even closer integration into Apple Maps.

In a blog post this week, the search engine announced that it is now using Apple's MapKit JS framework – the underlying system that Apple offers to allow maps to be posted to websites – to connect to all of its mapping features. This means that when you do a local search in DuckDuckGo, you use data from Apple Maps.

This not only works for displaying actual maps, but it is also the secret sauce behind new features in DuckDucko's local search, which drives new features such as autocomplete based on the user's local area …

Despite all these changes , DuckDuckGo is still committed to protecting the user's privacy and offering completely anonymous, non-tracking searches. In fact, this is the most obvious reason why the company chose to collaborate with Apple for its mapping engine, as both organizations share the same priorities here.

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