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The Seven Best iPhone Apps for Optimizing Targeted Email Marketing – Apple World Today

Constant contact

Constant Contact is one of the leaders in mobile email marketing, earning it the top spot on our list. The app gives you all the features needed to plan, design and execute a unique email campaign. Here̵

7;s what you can do with it:

° Segment subscribers and personalize messages based on users’ individual preferences;

° Analyze email openings and clicks;

° Edit contacts, manage user lists and track bounces;

° Use an intuitive mobile editor to create and schedule emails.

The best thing about Constant Contact is that it’s free.


MailChimp is a comprehensive tool for email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). As such, the app can do many things for your business, including the following:

° Effortless creation and editing of emails;

° Superior newsletter templates that you can customize to adhere to your brand strategy;

° Automatic retargeting aimed at users who were unable to purchase the product;

° Resend a click to subscribers who have not opened your email.

Apart from that, MailChimp offers you lots of CRM features, tools for social engagement, e-commerce features etc. You can use it for free.

Active campaign

If you are a true fan of market analysis, Active Campaign is the right way to go. The platform allows you to create and deliver outstanding emails, while also helping you with:

° Campaign tracking and performance calculations such as open prices, CTR and return on investment;

° A / B testing to discover the most effective mobile targeting tricks;

° Contact and lead management allows you to understand individual preferences for a given subscriber;

° More than 300 third-party integrations.

Active Campaign is a free iOS app for email marketing.


AWeber is also an interesting email marketing app, especially for beginner level users looking for a simple automation tool. Twiftnews services often use AWeber because it helps them learn all there is to know about subscribers through the easy-to-use dashboard. Here’s what it does for you:

° Preview messages and schedule events;

° Review all relevant statistics related to subscribers and their mobile email activities;

° Categorize mailing lists according to your business priorities;

° Wide fitting functions

AWeber is just like the other tools we have mentioned so far, a free app

Get answers

Get Response gives you a number of options when it comes to mobile-oriented email marketing and beyond. It simplifies the process of creating email, making the platform useful for all types of users – beginners and advanced. In addition, Get Response is great for:

° Contact management;

° Commitment and performance tracking;

° Customize promotions to the sales funnel;

° Tracking and analysis.

The only real problem with Get Response is the price. The basic version of this app costs $ 14.99 per month, while the premium package goes up to $ 49.99.

Zoho campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is another powerful email marketing tool for Apple devices. The developers are proud of the app’s targeting capabilities, as it successfully distinguishes between different segments of the target audience. At the same time, Zoho Campaigns comes with these features:

° Geo-location targeting and performance analytics;

° Sharing analytical reports between team members;

° Push notifications for new subscribers and other important news

° Work offline.

Zoho Campaigns offers you a wide range of additional features, but we suggest you check it yourself because the app is free.


Although not an exclusive email tool, HubSpot deserves our attention because of the interesting combination of email, sales and CRM features. If you’re looking for a complete iOS app, look no further, because HubSpot can:

° Manage your email campaigns;

° Automate sales processes;

° Take over customer interactions;

° Assist you with data analysis and reporting;

° Stay informed about all activities.

HubSpot is free, so you can test it whenever you want.

The bottom line

Mobile-focused email marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes simply because the number of smartphone owners continues to grow steadily. Using one of the Apple apps we mentioned above, you can take email targeting to the next level, so be sure to try them out soon.

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