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The Sims 4 Mac Review: Can You Run It?

You see that all Macs have done better than 30 FPS, which is good, but let's delve deeper into the results and see how far The Sims 4 can be pushed.

Do you have an advanced Mac?

The real question is not whether a high-end Mac can play this game. We know it will.

Haters can claim that Macs cannot run games, but if you have a newly advanced Mac with a dedicated graphics card with 2 GB of video RAM (or more), you can safely play any game that exists on MacOS.

The real question is: How high can you increase the graphics settings while still having a smooth experience?

Case in point, iMac 2014 results. While it was not as close as the latest iMacs, it still ran the game at 60 FPS using the Medium settings defined for these tests. And it did only 60 FPS because the game locked the frames to 60 FPS maximum.

But what happens when we come across the graphics so The Sims 4 really shines? As you increase your Ultra settings and increase the resolution to 2560×1440, the iMac still ran the 56.2 FPS game.

Remove : If you have an advanced Mac, you can expect to evenly play this game on the highest settings.

Do you have a new Mac at Mac level?

This is when things get complicated. Many of us own $ 1500 + MacBook Pros. We believe in being high end (otherwise, how can you justify that price?). Unfortunately, they are not, at least when it comes to graphics performance.

I'm not here to criticize Apple's choice. They decided that mobility and battery life come first, which is good for most users but poor for players.

 The Sims 4 Mac screenshot HIGHEST

Either way, you have a Mac at the input level meaning you have integrated graphics. And that means the game performance is limited. But how limited? It depends on the game.

In this case, The Sims 4 did great on my 13-inch MacBook Pro. The game ran at 54.9 FPS, which is almost double our 30 FPS goal.

These results mean that you can increase the graphics settings a bit and still get a smooth experience out of The Sims 4. I did two more tests on high and ultra settings and, as expected, there was still some room (although ultra is a little too much):

  • 1280×800 and high settings: 44.5 FPS
  • 1280×800 and ultra settings: 24.1 FPS

Remove : Sims 4 is properly optimized for macOS and not particularly demanding. Some newer Macs will be able to handle it, even those with integrated graphics.

But what if you have an older Mac?

According to our results, there is hope for you. Our test 2014 Mac Mini ran the game at 45.40 FPS, which is well above our goal. If your Mac is even older than it, it will really depend on the machine's graphics. If you have dedicated graphics, like our 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro, you should be fine.

And if you don't and worry, you won't be able to take it, you can always try Stardew Valley, an excellent, albeit, simulation game that supports MacOS.

Remove : If your Mac has integrated graphics, anything older than the Intel Iris 5100 from our Mac Mini will be risky. If your Mac has dedicated graphics, any model from 2012 should be good.

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