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The Slow Mo Guys Blend Science with Dangerous Fun – Review Geek

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Action scenes and explosions and giant clutter are awesome. In fact, the only way they could get anything cooler was if they were in slow motion. Lucky for you, The Slow Mo Guys web series does just that. Although the channel is technically considered to be focused on science and technology, it is really more entertaining than anything else.

The Slow Mo Guys channel has nearly 1

4 million subscribers and has filmed all sorts of things in slow motion, from Taekwondo stunts and Molotov cocktails, to flamethrowers and exploding fruit. The boys sacrifice yards, quarries, innocent fruit, and sometimes even their own physical health to get the shot.

The members of The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, are friends from the UK. The two met in a grocery store they both used to work at and tied over Xbox video games.

Dan, a former explosives expert from the British Army, is usually the one who acts as the show’s stuntman, while Gavin is the one who works with the camera. Gavin began working on Phantom digital high-speed cameras that shoot slow-motion scenes for movies such as Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Snow White and the Hunter. He is also a member of Rooster Teeth, where he plays in the Let’s Play game videos and web series Red against blue.

While some of the series’ shots look brilliant out of this world, the show is usually filmed by just the two of them in Gavin’s backyard. The channel has a really impressive selection of content, but most of it is about brilliant chemical or physical reactions. Sometimes colorful elements – like ink and fireworks – are used to create a beautiful show, while other times we are amazed by images of Mother Nature herself, like Iceland’s geysers.

The Slow Mo Guys are strongly inspired by the popular TV show Mythbusters, which puts myths, questions and urban legends to the test (and yes, also sometimes have explosions and destruction). In an interview with ABC News, Free said, “We film a lot of things that are just like, ‘Oh, you see it every day,’ but you’ve never seen it so slowly, so it’s very divisible, and you do not. You do not even have to speak English to enjoy a balloon full of water. “

Although the show focuses on serious science, the boys’ friendship is what really makes the show appealing. Sometimes there are scenarios that none of them are good at, which are always funny. Other times, it looks at their real reactions to the clips they just shot that are entertaining, or the occasional failed attempt to get a shot (especially the ones Dan falls victim to). And the fact that a single video of Gavin jumping on a giant hot air balloon has over 186 million views proves that slow motion movies are, in fact, exactly what the internet wants.

Gavin and Dan have also made a solid amount of videos in 4K, which, to be honest, are always the first thing I play when I buy a new TV (you know, to make sure things look good). Also within the channel are two short series, included Planet Slow Mo and Super Slow Show, both of which are YouTube Originals.

Gavin and Dan do an excellent job of mixing hilarious humor and science with seriously cool slow motion shots in their tiny videos. It’s the perfect type of content to just spend a whole day watching family and friends. With over 2 billion views since the channel’s launch and a Streamy Award for Cinematography, the success of The Slow Mo Guys is easy to understand.

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