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The stunning new Apple Marina Bay Sands waterfront retailer in Singapore opens on Thursday

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On August 24, Patently released a report entitled “The First Apple Store on the Water is about to open at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.” The original pictures had the windows covered. I thought it was designed for this morning when Apple officially announced that the new Apple Marina Bay Sands store will open on Thursday. The new images show the clear glass in the Windows and Store is a striking 1

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Apple preview of Apple Marina Bay Sands, the first Apple Store to sit directly on the water. Appearing as a sphere floating on the iridescent Marina Bay, the store introduces a new and captivating retail experience in one of the most iconic locations in Singapore.

Surrounded by water, Apple Marina Bay Sands offers uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic views of the city and its spectacular skyline. The sphere is a first-class dome structure in completely glass that is completely self-supporting, and consists of 114 pieces of glass with only 10 narrow vertical embers for structural connection. As Apple’s third store in Singapore, the new store creates an unforgettable place for customers.

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Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, an oculus placed at the top of the dome provides a flood of rays of light moving through space. The interior of the glass is lined with custom baffles, each uniquely shaped to counteract sun angles and provide a nocturnal light effect. With trees along the interior of the dome, the green garden city of Singapore flows into the shop, providing extra shading and soft shadows through the foliage.

“We could not be happier to open the stunning Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and build on our commitment to this special place that began more than 40 years ago,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail. + People. “Our passionate and talented team is ready to welcome this community to our new store and deliver the care and support that our customers around the world love.”

Apple added that “An eye at the top of the dome provides a flooding beam of light, with custom sunshade rings that secure the inner glass.”

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Visitors entering the store encounter a dramatic revelation in the sheer volume of the dome, where they can explore curated Apple products and accessories, receive personalized technical support from geniuses, or simply enjoy the stunning views of Marina Bay. The forum is centered around a video wall, which will serve as the stage for today’s Apple sessions with Singapore’s artists, musicians and creators. Entrepreneurs and developers interested in training and advice can meet Apple team members in Apple’s first underwater control room, located on the lower level of the store.

Apple’s rich history in Singapore spans more than 40 years, beginning with the first corporate office in Ang Mo Kio. In 1981, the team was responsible for producing the most circuit boards for Apple II computers worldwide. Since then, Apple has expanded its business and retail presence, now supporting over 55,000 jobs across the Apple ecosystem.

The team of 148 people at Apple Marina Bay Sands, who speak a total of 23 languages, welcomes visitors for the first time on Thursday 10 September at 10 SGT. The store will implement the same strict health measures for both employees and visitors seen at all Apple Store locations, including mask needs, temperature controls and social distancing.

To ensure the health and well-being of guests, visits to Apple Marina Bay Sands on Thursday will be by appointment only. Customers can visit apple.com/sg/marinabaysands to select available times, and each non-transferable reservation allows one person. The capacity will be limited, so that guests can experience waiting times before entering the store.

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