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The top 10 Harry Potter apps for Android and iOS

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon. While the main series of books and movies is finished, the phenomenon continues. You can bring some of that magic into your palm thanks to the Harry Potter apps for your smartphone.

Whether you're looking for a magical game while on the go, a way to test your wizard skills or a place to meet like-minded fans, we've rounded out the best Harry Potter apps for Android and iOS.

1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

We open our list of the best Harry Potter apps with Wizards Unite. Something that is an expanded reality game from the developers of Pokemon GO. Set years after the main Harry Potter series, the disaster has hit the wizard's world. Foundables ̵

1; magical objects, people, creatures and memories – appear in the Muggle world.

Equipped with your phone, you have to roam around to collect these Foundables, often located near landmarks nearby, defeating chaotic magic and taking on challenges along the way.

It's a fun, addictive game that gets you on the go. If you want a complete debrief, we've made a guide to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

All you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

All you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Unsure of what Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is? Here's All You Need to Know About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
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Download: Wizards Unite for Android | iOS (free)

2. Spelly

Spelly contains every spell from the Harry Potter books. Here is everything from Alohomora to Wingardium Leviosa. Find out what the spelling form does, what type it is, when it is first mentioned, and an offer that includes it.

You can filter the list, mark spells as your favorite and even shake your device to open a random. If you are facing a challenge, you can also test your knowledge in a quiz to see how well you know your spelling.

Download: Spelly for Android (Free)

3. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 and 5-7

The LEGO games are known for their sense of humor and light-hearted games, and these two games, spanning all Harry Potter's seven adventures , there is no difference. You'll experience all the famous moments, such as playing Quidditch or fighting with Voldemort, in brilliant 3D LEGO-style environments.

These games are also packed with goodies. Take time to explore Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and more, because there are many hidden areas to uncover. All this will help you build a multitude of collectibles and unlock over 100 characters.

If you want even more LEGO gameplay, check out our recommendations for the best LEGO video games

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Download: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for Android ($ 4.99)

Download: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for Android ($ 4.99)

4. FANDOM FOR: Harry Potter

Chances are, if you want to know something about Harry Potter, the answer will be in this FANDOM app. It is a massive database of pages, photos and videos. You can find out about the books, movies, games and the Harry Potter universe as a whole when browsing this wiki.

You can also jump on discussions with other fans. Either post your own message – perhaps to discuss who will win in a duel between your favorite characters – or join an existing thread.

Download: FANDOM for: Harry Potter for Android | iOS (free)

5. Hogwarts Mystery

In Hogwarts Mystery you become a student at the famous school of trolls. You can customize your character, join a house, get a pet, master witchcraft and so much more. Famous faces like Dumbledore and Snape will be there to guide you along the way.

You intend to uncover the mystery behind Cursed Vaults and find your missing brother. When you go through the school years, decisions you make will shape relationships when you earn friends and enemies.

Download: Hogwarts Mystery for Android | iOS (free)

6. Potter Portal

Harry Potter may not be real, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend he is. Potter Portal lets you create your own custom Harry Potter images. Whether you have dreamed of receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter, flying a house banner or being rewritten in the Daily Prophet, you can make all these things here.

The customization options depend on what you choose. Of course you can choose your house for the banner and enter your address for the Hogwarts letter. When you're done, you can easily share your creations with friends and family to prove the wizard's credentials.

Download: Potter Portal for Android (Free)

7. Fantastic Beasts: Cases

Based on the film-spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts: Cases is a hidden object game that puts you in the role of a recruiting for the Ministry of Magic & # 39; s Department of regulation and control of magic creatures. You mate with Mathilda Grimblehawk to solve issues that are based on the protection of magical animals.

Although you will primarily find things within scenes, in recognizable places such as Zonkos Joke Shop or Gringotts, other game elements look to spell, brew potions, and identify creatures. Boosted by strong visuals and music, this is a great game to play in short bursts.

Download: Fantastic Beasts: Cases for Android | iOS (free)

8. Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia

  Ultimate Harry Potter trivia app

Every Harry Potter fan likes to think they know the most about the series, but with this app you can prove it. It's simple, but works really well. You choose how many questions you want and want. At the end you will see how many you answered correctly.

Unlike many trivia apps, this is not afraid to ask foolish and obscure questions about the books, not just the movies. So, brush up on your knowledge of ghosts, creatures and Quidditch before diving.

Download: Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia for Android | iOS (free)

9. Harry Potter Amino

If you want to connect with other fans of the magic franchise, the Amino app is for you. Here you can create an account and chat with Potterheads from around the world.

You can upload your fans (like art and stories), build and take part in quizzes and join chat rooms for live communication. In these chat rooms you can talk theories, praise drawings and hopefully get some friends along the way.

Download: Harry Potter Amino for Android | iOS (free)

10. Elfins: Magic Heroes 2

Technically, Elfins: Magic Heroes 2 is not officially a Harry Potter game, but when your character has a scar on his head and shoots a spell, it is not difficult to put together two and two. The goal of the game is to hold the screen to fire your wand and then release to take out the enemy. The more you send, the higher your score will be.

When you play, you unlock more characters, power-ups to help you progress and different places like Azkaban and the Forbidden Forest. Make it perfect to wind your time on your pendulum.

Download: Elfins: Magic Heroes 2 for Android | iOS (free)

Harry Potter gadgets you can actually own

These are the best Harry Potter apps we could find, so we hope you've discovered at least one who wants the games, quizzes and chat rooms.

If apps aren't enough, and you want to bring Harry Potter's magic into the physical world too, take a look at these magical Harry Potter stories you can actually possess

9 Magic Harry Potter – gadgets you could actually own

9 Magic Harry Potter gadgets you could actually own

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